The Great US vs UK Food Debate

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  1. I woke up this morning, and there was like 8 inches of snow outside. Trapped in my apartment I wanted to get some productive studying done. Around 1pm I got hungry, so I went in search of food. Of course, since I usually go grocery shopping Saturdays, I didn't have any. I then started going through my roommates things, since he's gone for the weekend. I found homemade cajun burgers, and bacon. This is when things went horribly wrong. I had 2 burgers and more than half the package of bacon. It was freakin delicious. But it was so heavy I didn't feel like doing anything. I sat around watching tv for a few hours, then took a nap. The nap turned into outright 4 hours of sleep. After waking up I ate another 2 burgers, and the remaining half package of bacon.

    To summarize, I ate 80000+ calories, accomplished nothing, and now I can't sleep because I slept all afternoon. Now I will probably make some chocolate chip pancakes and eat them.
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    Yo going to get fat and get yo ass kicked by your room-mate! Room-mate sounds like a gay couple though. In England we call it flat-mates, since they share a flat.
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    See if you can get me the recipe for the Cajun burgers. Mmmm.
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    So what are you going to say to your room mate? And will he kick your arse for eating his delicious Cajun burgers?
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    We don't use the term flat in the US so that would make it sound more confusing and gayer.
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    Do you guys actually share a room or is it like, an apartment?

    Cos sharing rooms is pretty gay, man.
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    Go smoke a fag, you English weirdos.
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    I don't know what you guys are talking about but will someone tell that cigarette to shut up.
  9. Considering fag was actually created by us well before you stealing Americans used it to label gays, that means it does not work as an insult. Nice try though.

    The word "fag" came to mean "thing hanging loosely," and was applied to the remnants of a bolt of cloth, the tail end of an originally long spool of rope, etc., It therefore had the derived meaning of any off-cut or unwanted part of any product, such as wood, cloth or meat, known as a "fag-end."
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    I think it's just high fat ground beef, cajun taco seasoning, and chopped blue cheese. They sell them premade at Wegmans, but it's like $6.99/lb. You can do it at home for less than half that.
  11. The question is: What magical drink did you have to wash down that bad boy of food?
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    You ate four of those things with bacon? I like to eat, and even I think that's a disgusting amount of food. Damn.
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    Roomates - Two heterosexual bi-curious males sharing a single bed while eating each other's burgers and sausages. Cajun burger implies one of them is French.
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    This wasn't a health & wellness topic. It was a being a giant asshole topic.
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    Usually when you eat like an asshole, it's because of bad eating habits. Quite relevant.
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    Didn't you say awhile ago you were trying to exercise and lose weight? Sounds like you fell off the wagon a little bit.
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    Nah, I actually pig out twice a week so I can maintain my ultra-strict diet. I just never ate so much bacon before. It made me sooooo sleepy.
  18. Can you go into detail on your pig-out sessions?
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    I usually eat restaurant food Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Eating a quarter of a cow and half of a pig isn't part of my regular diet.

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    Hmm, we may have to change the title to My Sad Pathetic Existance soon.