The Great US vs UK Food Debate

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  1. I've switched to turkey bacon and haven't looked back.
  2. It was only ~32oz of beef + 21oz of bacon. Other then the horrible lethargy, and diabetic comma, it was probably better than eating 4-5 slices of large pizza.
  3. Was it better than eating a bacon narwhal?

  4. I'm not sure what that is. But unless the bacon is hugging a carb heavy baguette, it probably wouldn't be to bad for one meal. I think I'm out of the bacon business for a few months though.
  5. You Americans can sure eat a a lot. I would not mind trying some of your dishes out some day.

    Still, nothing beats my home made steak mince cottage pie loaded with cheese. *Drools*
  6. We eat a lot because we have good food.

    British food looks so horrendous it amazes me that you people haven't starved to death.
  7. Not from what I have seen, this man makes me think you guys only eat things if they are dripping with fat or the portion size is big enough to feed the average family.


    Its no wonder your seen as a fat nation by most of the world.

    I actually watched the show Jamie Oliver did where he tried to make a difference in your schools. The shit you feed your kids is horrendous and classing 'fries' as a vegetable product just makes me laugh.
  8. Yeah, you may have been snowed in but that's irrelevant. To be hungry enough to eat half a cow and six pigs? Either you were starving yourself the week before or, my friend, you have a problem.
  9. I don't have a problem. I ate all that food, I and liked it. You are the ones who are the ball lickers.
  10. No good using movie quotes on Chi, he hasn't seen any, ever.
  11. What the hell, who eats that much? I eat like a pig and I can only manage a maximum of three slices.

    Why you always putting me down, grim, what did I ever do to you?
  12. Actually I am with you on that, 3 slices and I am done. Not to mention the fact American pizzas are probably 3 x the diameter of ours and so each slice is probably much bigger.
  13. Anyone from a nation that has produced such culinary masterpieces as branston pickle, scotch eggs, deep fried mars bars, and spotted dick has no right to talk. British food is some of the worst in the world. My dad used to go to London every two or three weeks on business, and told me he would stick to Indian food, because everything else was a disaster.

    You guys seems to think we eat fast food all the time, but that isn't the case. A lot of us eat pretty healthy. And our food is flavorful. If you tried our cajun, bbq, southern food, or tex-mex, I think you'd realize you've been eating tasteless shit this whole time. We're also such an ethnically diverse country that you can find just about anything here in terms of food.

    Actually, chain pizza places like Domino's or Papa John's have tiny pizza slices. Two or three of them is the size of a normal slice of pizza.

    But chain pizza sucks balls. Local pizzerias with wood burning ovens are the way to go.
  14. The last time I was in the US, I was doing tour through California. I swear to God I must have put on about 20lbs from eating in Dennys alone. Breakfast buffets, oreo cookie pie/cake things, starbucks and all the mexican food I can cram down my cake hole in San Diego; I loved it.

    Unfortnately I then had to go on a rather strict diet when I got home....

    Oh and when I was in Florida I ate at IHOP all the time too. Too tasty. Oh and there was this great BBQ I really want to go to Florida again now just to eat; balls to the nice weather.

    Although I became a bit of a health freak about 2 years ago so I guess even if I did go I'd give all that good food a wide berth.

    The thing about English people going to the US is the food there is so cheap in comparison to the stuff we get here; like 1/3rd of the price. So we generally eat 3 times as much to compensate...

    Fish and Chips?? Hello?? It's awesome stuff...mushy peas?? Incredible. Scones? Parkin Cake...yeah some of our food is crap. Although our beer more than makes up for it.
  15. Alright, I'll give you fish and chips. That actually is pretty good. But the rest of your food confuses and terrifies me.
  16. Then why do you feed your kids pizza for breakfast at school?

    To be honest it doesn't matter how much we argue we will never agree. You are brought up on one lot of food and you are always going to prefer it to another. I have been to America and eaten there and to be honest I was glad to get home and eat some proper food.

    I also find it odd that if your chefs are so awesome how come they never end up on TV over here while the likes of that twat Jamie Oliver and everybody's favourite foul mouthed bastard Gordon Ramsey seem to be pretty big in the US?

    I have quite often been tempted to try one of our oddest menus at the Fat Duck (3 Michelin Stars) but some of the crazy stuff on the menu puts me off and at around £160 per person its not cheap if I don't like it. I like Heston when I see his shows on the TV and I have heard that he is opening a restaurant in London that may not be a taster menu one so might give that a go instead.

    See what you Americans think of this menu (voted best restaurant in the world 2005)
  17. Agreed, Fish & Chips is good stuff. I looked up mushy peas, and it looked like post taco bell dysentery soaked in mountain dew and cornstarch.
  18. Personally I don't like mushy peas at all, I think that's more of a northern thing.

    I have been trying some other fish types as the Cod is running out and I am a good person and both pollock and basa have been really good. I hate haddock with a passion so that is a big no for me. I saw Heston using something called wolf fish a few weeks ago which is apparently big in Iceland but not easily available here at the moment and it was supposed to be good so will give that a go if I can get my hands on it.
  19. It's just part of the "angry British person yells at Americans" trend that we have on bad reality TV shows. Just look at American Idol, or that Super Nanny show, or that pet trainer one, or the job finding one. Gordon Ramsay is a walking reality TV cliche. He's the Simon Cowell of food shows. Because apparently all British people are arrogant, rude, and villainous. It must resonate with the dumbasses who watch those shows.

    The funny thing is, most of the food Ramsay makes looks like shit.
  20. It's because you guys can't even do tv right. Our chef's are too busy making serious money to bother with a 4-6 episode run on UK television. Why would they bother when they can pull in a 13-26 episode payday here.