The Great US vs UK Food Debate

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  1. Can't be that bad, he has 3 Michelin stars. I'm not defending him or anything but that's no easy task.

    I have said it before and I will say it again I HATE a lot of American shows right now because of the constant switching to people sitting in chairs telling you about what you just saw.
  2. American TV sucks balls for the most part. The only good shows are on AMC, Showtime, or HBO.
  3. I take it you have tried every English dish out there to form an real opinion on whether are dishes are shite or good yeah?
  4. Look let's just put this food competition behind us and just concentrate on something that American and English people can both hate; the French.
  5. Fixed.
  6. Ah yes, the cheese eating surrender monkeys.
  7. To go through your pictures 1 by 1..

    Branston Pickle is fantastic with cold meats or in a sandwich with cheese.

    Wouldn't have it with crackers but I don't really like crackers.

    Most scotch eggs arnt that runny but I suppose you don't like sausage and egg in the same thing/on the same plate then as that is all it really is?

    Those sausages look really cheap and nasty and the mash looks like instant crap. If you get your sausages from a proper butcher you get the good stuff, those eggs also look like cheap crap with that bright yellow yolk. If an egg doesn't have a deep rich golden yolk I wont touch it.

    I have no idea what that green thing is.

    Deep fried Mars bars is more of a Scottish thing, being English I have never tried one.
  8. Wow, five dishes out of hundreds. Way to put us in our place.


    *Drools* That is basically a small fry up.
  9. I love these British food conversations. It's hilarious how much of a rise I get out of you guys. :p

    Also, who puts mashed potatoes with eggs? That's disgusting. Home fries or hash browns yes. Mashed potatoes no.
  10. To be honest there is a lot of crap out there but being a bit of a snob I don't eat any of it, like I said I won't even touch an egg if the yolk is the wrong colour.

    Been quite lucky in the fact that my old man is a butcher and my sister + brother run a deli. I get a lot of free food that is of good quality. I also live in the part of town that is full of good restaurants, I can get a good eat only 5-10 minutes walk away which is nice.

    EDIT: With you on the Mash + Eggs, I wouldn't do it.
  11. Maybe because you are trying to make out that America has the best dishes in the world, whereas it does not. Each country has its own amazing dishes, and also has bad ones too.
  12. Don't try to bring reason into a fanboi argument.
  13. I don't remember eating anything amazing in Canada, that might be the exception to the rule.
  14. Whats the most amazing dish England has to offer?
  15. [​IMG]

    or maybe this:

  16. That is pretty horrible isn't it.. I was always pretty disgusted at the school's menu. I don't know if times have changed but half of the kids in my school usually brought their own lunch.
  17. Don't know, I don't eat high English cuisine so I would not have an answer.


    Nice try, but those names where around way before your Americans stole them and changed them to different meanings. Always stealing ideas as usual eh.
  18. I always bagged a lunch. School food is nasty.