The Great US vs UK Food Debate

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  1. Poor kids eat school sponsored meals. Since they are typically minorities the govt doesn't care about vitamins and nutrition for them.
  2. Add that to the fact that she is one sexy ass milf. I call that a good recipe for food win!
  3. I don't know about her cooking, since it's never been proven that British people can cook, but she does have some nice juggs and looks great for 50.

  4. You daft racialist. You should come to England - Grim will treat you to Eel pie and you'll see the light. Nothing like a near death experience to make you open your eyes.
  5. I was actually hoping to incite a second War of 1812 where you guys will try to come pelt me to death with branston pickle and scotch eggs and burn my house to the ground.
  6. Eels up inside ya!

  7. These are pickles:


    This looks like something someone with smoker's lung coughed up:

  8. We're more subtle than that. I think a postal bombardment of pork pies will cause your surrender in this matter.
  9. Pickles are a vegetable right, not all vegetables look amazing. Once you come to England, try every dish then say its all horrible, then I will believe you. Maybe you should go and chill with a bowl of cereal..oh wait I mean bowl of sugar.
  10. Good try. I don't eat cereal. Most of the time I don't eat breakfast, but when I do it's usually eggs or a bagel.
  11. I like cereal, I find it useful when your peckish and cannot be bothered to cook or prepare anything.

    Indeed, the best breakfast is a fry up. now that starts your day. Surely even you know how amazing a fry up is? Even if it bad for you.
  12. I'm not sure what a fry up is, but I'm guessing it's eggs and other stuff. Eggs aren't really bad for you. They're one of the best sources of protein.
  13. Fruit loops taste like washing detergent to me, I don't know who can eat those for breakfast. way too chemically.
  14. Cereal all tastes pretty awful to me. I never liked it even as a kid. It's processed crap.
  15. This is a fry up, though it is missing fried bread and some other things.

  16. Some of those things individually might be okay. But I would never put eggs and baked beans together.
  17. That's an amateur job of a fry up. Eggs next to beans? The sausage should be used to separate the chips from the beans too. It's chaos I tells you.
  18. I wouldn't have chips with a fry up, but some nice black pudding is yum.
  19. You Brits are losing this fight. You need to show me some delicious looking food this instant.