The Great US vs UK Food Debate

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  1. Did you replace your stolen burgers and bacon? If I were your room mate, I'd have been peed off.
  2. I'm so glad I don't live in Pennsylvania anymore.
  3. Americans have the Frito pie so we pretty much win.

  4. That looks awesome.. is that from a restaurant? I like the Taco Bell version:

  5. I get my Frito Pie from Sonic.

    That Beefy crunch burrito is awesome!
  6. Those both look disgusting. Especially the top one.
  7. Both of those are culinary masterpieces.

    That British dish with the fetus on it, now that is disgusting.
  8. Chucking different crap on to a plate or in a wrap is a masterpiece, Huh.

    Oh, I see what is happening here. One country loves their own dishes and hates the other's and vice versa.
  9. That's a Chimichanga, and it's god-like.

    If you've never had one, I pity you. It's one of the tastiest things ever created by mankind.
  10. And you wonder why the world calls you the obese nation. Most of that stuff looks like it has thousands of calories in them.

    That second and third picture looks disgusting by far and the rest does not look much better. Although those wings look nice. The meat in that 6th picture looks wrong as hell, and crab and shrimp soup things looks dirt. Any country can whack any kind of filling in those baguettes too.

    What is that yellow and white substance in the 4th picture? From all your talk of amazing dishes, none of those are. Nice try though.
  11. You're criticizing pork bbq and a reuben sandwich, both of which put any food the British have produced to shame. In the case of the reuben, we took your corned beef and made it into something that doesn't suck, and is in fact awesome.

    The fourth picture is a Chimichanga. Quite possibly the best food ever produced by mankind. It's a deep fried burrito covered in cheese. Mexican people invented burritos, and we made them better. One bite would make you realize that you've been eating tasteless crap you're whole life.

    This is like disconnecting people from the matrix. You guys have eaten awful food for so long, you don't even recognize good food when you see it. The British are known the world over for their tasteless overcooked mush that passes for food. I don't know if you guys just never learned how to use seasonings, or that putting everything in a pot and boiling it forever makes stuff tasteless, or what.
  12. So we have now jumped from look to taste? Yeah that is fine, I know too well the look of food means nothing. Once again, why take the word over people when you have not tried something yourself? I fell in to that trap before and liked some food which others do not.

    Corn beef is disgusting whatever way it is used. Perhaps your food tastes better because of all the fat, and unhealthy things used in it.
  13. Corned beef by itself is nothing special, but with melted swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing on rye bread it becomes something incredible.

    Everything I posted looked awesome.
  14. Pretty much everyone thinks your food sucks ass. Here it was voted the world's worst:

    and here:
    Also, when I type "bad british" into google, it immediately fills it in with "food." :lol:
  15. British people eat shit because they don't know the difference basically.
  16. I beg to differ, apart from a couple of things, nothing looks very appetising.

    I'll be the first to admit British food can be a little uninspired compared to a lot of country's food, but I'm curious as to what main foodstuffs are American. Not Mexican or Chinese or Thai or any other ethnic group.

    The stereotype is hamburgers, I believe.
  17. Then post something better looking. With the exception of fish and chips, I have yet to see any British food that didn't look horrible, like this culinary abortion on a plate:


    That stereotype would be wrong. BBQ, Cajun, Southern food, Tex-Mex, and most of what people think of as Italian are all American.
  18. [​IMG]

    And this is much better then? Don't make me laugh!

    Let me guess, those reviews were wrote by Americans?

    Nothing on that list of pictures you posted looked nice, except those wings to me. Does that mean they are because I think so?

    Most of the things they call there own is only stolen from another country. Food, television shows and the medieval faire's spring to mind. heck, even their own language is not their own.

    We win.
  19. You guys still have yet to post any tasty looking food. Probably because even you guys know it's the worst in the world.