The Great US vs UK Food Debate

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  1. Aldi is a German company that split into Aldi North and Aldi South due to disagreements between the brothers than owned the company. Aldi North owns Trader Joe's. I haven't shopped at an Aldi store for as long as I can remember, but I do go to Trader Joe's now and then. The problem with Trader Joe's for me is that it's a +35 minute drive each way, and for most people it's much more. There are only a few decent grocery stores in my state. There are only 2 Trader Joe's stores in the entire state, and both are in Indianapolis. There are 4 Earth Fare stores, and 3 of 4 are in the Indianapolis area. I could get to an Aldi in about 10 minutes if I was (much) less selective about my groceries.
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    I remember Wegmans from when I lived in PA. They're really good. Probably just as good as Publix. I'd have a hard time deciding between the two.


    That was the other thing that bothered me about Aldi. You follow a mostly blocked in path through the store, where you are expected to make your selection and move on. They don't make it easy to go between aisles. It does seem very German. It's all about doing everything as cheaply and as efficiently as possible. I like having a nice experience when I shop, so I don't think it's for me.
  3. I got one of these packs a few days ago. I've tried a couple and they all seem good. Which are the best? The Wispa was like nothing I've had before.

  4. All of it is good, apart from the double decker which is awful. Do love a picnic.
  5. Top tier: Wispa, Picnic, Flake, Twirl (at a push)

    Garbage tier: Double Decker, Fudge

    The rest is middling. No idea what Wispa gold is. How much did that all set you back?
  6. I paid $12.80 last month but it's up to $15 now. Not too bad really. I also got these. The chips are still lost in transit from the UK.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Worcester sauce crisps and the fish and chip crisps are good stuff. Not heard of that curry sauce before; I’ve had those Jaffa cakes before from Polish shops - not bad.
  8. Wispa gold has caramel in.

    I do love an Eccles cake.

    Myself, Chi and Monsly have started having baking competitions over WhatsApp, we did Banana bread this week. If i can be bothered at any point I will upload the images. Obviously I won, this weekend is sweet muffins, I will win again. Anything to pass the time during lockdown.
  9. Cadbury Milk Chocolate is my favorite bar of all time. But you gotta check the manufacturing location to see how good it is.

    1. UK - the best bar ever
    2. Euro Variant - Tastes identical to #1
    3. US Variant - Made by Hershey trash
    4. Asian Variant - Locally licensee trash

    I sometimes find the UK import in the international section and buy all of the stock.
  10. It's funny that people in the US think of Cadbury as a pretty good chocolate while people in the EU considers Cadbury to be a low grade "chocolate substitute". I bet the American version would just make them vomit.

    I tried the Chomp. Not bad, but it's nothing special.
  11. Tried the Picnic. Very good. Reminds me of a Nestle Chunky I once had in 1984.

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    I bought 50 lbs of restaurant quality produce for $20. So many restaurants here are closed or just doing takeout so the farmers and distributors have way more produce than they have any idea what to do with. $10 gets you a box of 25 lbs of assorted produce. You can pay them with Venmo and just drive up to the distributor and they load it in your trunk. The quality is way better than what I’m used to seeing in grocery stores. Restaurants are definitely getting much higher quality produce than the average Joe who goes to a grocery store. Not sure if this is just a FL thing. We are one of the country’s main growing regions.
  13. A local dairy was selling produce bags so we had one delivered. We got about $15 of produce for $20. At the time, eggs and potatoes weren't available anywhere so it was worth it. I also bought a ginormous bag of lobster bisque from Whole Foods. I think it was meant for the lunch time hot bar. After 4 days of eating it I had to give up and throw it away. A single human was not meant to eat that much lobster bisque.

    Also, is anyone else putting on a lot of weight?
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    This was only part of it. I think it would have been $100+ at Publix. Some of it was expensive stuff like poblano and banana peppers and large eggplants. It also came with four heads of lettuce, 8 ears of corn, zucchini, yellow squash, regular cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, and some apples and oranges thrown in. I don't think I've ever gotten so much healthy food for 20 bucks.

  15. Maybe you can make some ratatouille.
  16. That’s what I was thinking or maybe gazpacho once the tomatoes ripen more
  17. If you ever get a chance to try real shave ice, do.

  18. Had some Budae jjigae (Korean Army Stew) the other day. It's a very nice cold weather dish.

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  19. That looks really good about now... a decent amount of meat too. Although it looks like a chopped hot dog.
  20. haha don't be surprised if it really is. it literally is stew they made for the army. it's got all sorts of processed meats and beans, etc. another popular dish, bibimbap originated as a dish they just made back in the day of leftovers.

    i remember my friends' reactions when i told them the fried rice they order is literally made from old rice.