The Great US vs UK Food Debate

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    It is hot dog. Like khaid said, it was originally made from anything that could be bought in a US army base. I'm pretty sure that's a $0.25 pack of ramen in there. This one also has tofu and kimchi added. Hot as all hell.

    We also ordered the bibimbap. They served it on a sizzling skillet so the rice turned brown and crunchy. Also excellent on a cold day.

    Oh and I got some of these to go! I love Soju but can't find it in any liquor stores around here.


    I guess the kids these days are mixing them with drinkable yogurts.

  2. I heard the McRib is back. I think it's been about 10 years since I've had one. Might have to venture to McDonalds.
  3. Read something a few days ago saying something similar. That they hadn’t had one for so long they forgot why they ignored it. So they bought one and remembered.

  4. The last time I had a mcrib was some time in the 90s
  5. I had one 4-5 years ago. It was ok. My fast food consumption has been greatly reduced lately so I doubt I’ll get one.

  6. I love fast food but the McRib is just a bad sandwich that preys on nostalgia. I grab one every special release and hate it. Will do it again this time too because I have impulse control issues.
  7. For me, it's the Holiday Pies. Having the Holiday Pie and and McRib out at the same time is like a rare planetary alignment. It's a sign that something beyond our comprehension is happening.

  8. Could be they are hurting from millennial indifference and need the sales?

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    The McRib is one of those things I loved as a kid that would probably gross me out as an adult. The meat is injection molded. And I don't want to know what's in it.

    Here's an autistic man in a suit reviewing it

    And then there's this guy

  10. I just finished my McRib sandwich and here is my review. After the first bite I was thinking it was better than expected. It was firm, not mushy. By the middle of the sandwich I felt like it was lacking some critical food element, although I know not what. By the last bite I realized I could go another 5 years without eating one again. 20 minutes later I'm sitting here wondering if I should purge.
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    Watch the Joey World Tour video and you'll notice he gets about half-way through the sandwich and looks like he's regretting it, but still has to do his dumb performance thing for YouTube where he acts like it's amazing and makes retard sounds.

    He didn't even finish it. Keep in mind that this is a man who drinks Cheese Whiz and eats entire jars of Nutella.
  12. I bought this box of donuts yesterday. Might have been a huge mistake.

  13. I really want to try one.

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    I tried oat milk. It smells like Elmer's glue, has a pasty texture, and makes everything taste like old cereal. If you leave it sitting in your coffee for a bit it congeals back into clumps of oatmeal. It's also really high in calories and carbs. Like almost equivalent to drinking soda. Would not recommend. Really gross stuff that's popular with hipsters for some reason.

    For the lactose intolerant, almond milk still reigns supreme.
  15. Oat milk is ok in coffee. But I’m not lactose intolerant and don’t care about veganism so I don’t get it.

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    Yeah I’m lactose intolerant. I can handle most cheese, butter, and small amounts of yogurt, heavy cream, and sour cream. But milk and ice cream will have me in the bathroom shitting my guts out within about 30 minutes.

    I’ve tried all of the alternative “milks.” Almond milk is decent when added to coffee. It tastes nothing like milk, but it does a nice job of accentuating the slightly nutty flavors of some coffees. The rest are gross. I think soy milk and oat milk are the worst. Anyone who thinks these taste good or anything like milk is delusional.
  17. Cashew milk is pretty bad. A 50/50 almond milk mix in coffee is okay but cashew milk ice-cream and smoothies are weird. It makes me feel like I need a big glass of water to wash it down.
  18. What about coconut milk? Starbucks has a few cold drinks that feature it and are super tasty.

  19. Coconut milk tastes good but it gives me the shits if I drink too much of it.