The Great US vs UK Food Debate

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  1. Pickles and peanut butter is a thing I guess but hot dog and peanut butter is wrong.
  2. It's not a nice combination of ingredients, and please tell me you didn't spend $13 on that thing.
  3. Yes, but it came with a bag of potato chips which was like $3.50 on it's own. The sticker shock of theme park food prices wears off after a while.
  4. I tried the new starlight Coca Cola. It's supposed to taste like space. I taste vanilla, cotton candy, and old books. It's not a flavor I'd want to drink on a regular basis.
  5. I got toasted marshmallow out of it. It ok but I doubt id buy it again.

  6. I got myself some MREs. I've only tried one, but it's not as bad as I expected. It's basically a Kraft/Hormel processed food designed to last a few years in an air tight package. The variety of items in the package make it a interesting meal that's probably delicious when when you're really hungry.
  7. The newer MREs are decent. It's some of the older ones that were horrendous. The vegetable omelet was known as the "vomelet." The frankfurters were known as the "four fingers of death." The chicken a la king and the Country Captain Chicken were also pretty revolting.

    Supposedly a vegetable "omelet":


    It is high in the running for most disgusting thing I've ever attempted to eat, and that was only due to feeling like I'm on the verge of starving after burning an incredible amount of calories in a long-distance, fast paced march with gear, a "hump." I'm afraid to know how egg and vegetables became this monstrosity. Of if egg or vegetables are actually in this at all.
  8. Taco Bell's new Cheez-It tostada. I plan on trying it.

  9. looks kinda like aks' vegetable omelet above
  10. Tried the Fruit Brute Monster cereal. It's Cherry flavored which I guess is unique and rare. Overall it wasn't great. Maybe it was better in the 70s.

  11. Where does PVC stand on teflon air fryers? Do you go with non-stick or stainless steel?

    I have been using a non stick for 8 years but dropped it off the counter. The social media grifteers say to never buy non-stick, but surely I must have teflon in my blood by now.

    What say PVC? I know some of your are doctors and all of you are fat. You're are the experts I care about.
  12. I think my basket plate is ceramic covered aluminum. The basket is...I don't know. It looks like painted metal. I don't think my wife would allow Teflon. I like the baskets models. It seems like the door model would be harder to clean.
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  13. Got the name of the ceramic one? I can only find PFOA or stainless steel.

    all the stainless steel seem like a pain in the ass.
  14. Ah my bad. It looks like mine is black metal. Cleaning it isn't too bad. Cheese seems like the worst thing to clean. I've been tempted to get the huge 11QT Ninja from Costco.