The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Ichiban, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. The announcement trailer for Peter Jacksons LOTR prequel finally hit the net today. I've been reading a lot about this in development and everything I've read seems to suggest he's nailed Tolkiens world once again. I like that the start of the movie is set just before Bilbos party in Fellowship of the Ring and I think Martin Freeman is the most inspired choice for young Bilbo...

    What do you guys think?

  2. Underwhelming trailer (for me) although I'm sure the movie will be spectacular.
  3. It's an announcement trailer though; they're usually pretty uneventful. It's just a cock tease for the real trailer which probably wont be along until June or July.

    But yeah, I think the movie itself will be spectacular!
  4. Hmm this reminded me that I wanted to try War In the North.
  5. I'll definitely plan to watch this. I'm glad they were able to make it.
  6. I'm not a fan Martin Freeman as I suspect he'll ham it up Hitch-hiker's Guide style but I still can't wait to see this film and it's follow on. I always preferred the story of the Hobbit to LOTR plus I know the story better so I'll be much more critical of Jackson's work this time around if he cocks it up, which he obviously won't.
  7. This is a pretty decent announcement trailer, when they all join in the Misty Mountain song, I get chills.
  8. I would have liked that part if it sounded anything like the version I know and love from the BBC radio show.
  9. The original is actually a poem, putting it to a tune is just artistic license.
  10. Looks good. The Hobbit will be divided into two films, An Unexpected Journey and There and Back Again.
  11. Look's alright. It did not get my juices flowing though but like Khaid said the film itself should be awesome.
  12. more and more and more nerdgasm :p
  13. OK so I just picked this up on Blu Ray, open up the case and find a disk with nothing on it sitting alongside the main disk and have no idea what it is. There doesn't seem to be any reference to it on the case and googled it and no one else seems to have said anything. I tried it in my DVD drive at work which doesn't like it, I guess it could be a blu ray but won't know until I get home.

    Anyone else picked this up and found this because I am stumped.


    When did companies become so cheap that they don't label disks?
  14. Maybe you got a duff copy? Which version is it? I'm planning on picking up the 3D version later
  15. It is the non 3D copy, the wife doesn't like 3D so I didn't bother with it. When I get home I will put it in the PS3 and see what it does. The main film disk seems to be the other one so I am not too worried but I may pop that in, skip it to the end to make sure it is all there.

    As with all Blu Ray films these days it comes with that UV code so in theory I could share it with 5 people to stream for free. I have never tried it but I assume you have to be signed up to Flixster and I have to gift it to you.
  16. The 3D version looks like it has 3D, standard bluray and UV for only a pound more in HMV
  17. Our HMV closed before the buyout so I only had Sainsburys in town to choose from.
  18. You best get them to sort it out, no blank discs in my copy

  19. Does it really matter now you have it? Just get a biro and write the Hobbit on it. ;D
  20. Too far out of my way to go today, will test the disk at home, if the special features are on it then I won't be too bothered as I probably won't use them much. As long as the film itself is fine then I am happy enough. If not I will take it back tomorrow lunch time.

    I did email WB with a copy of the link so will see what they say.

    Strange things seem to happen to me when it comes to DVD's etc. I have a copy of Bo Selecta series 2 where the last 2 episodes are missing and have infact been replaced by Phoenix Nights.