The Jersey Shore Official Love/Hate Thread

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  1. Happy Jersday, everyone! A new Jersey Shore is on tonight. Don't forget to keep it fresh, GTL, and keep your 'Nade Whistle nearby.

    Love it or hate it, the show and its cast are huge right now. Its MTV's highest rated show currently. I'm a huge fan of the show, since day one. What's everyone's opinions?

    P.S. Negative attitudes are welcome, its is a Love/Hate thread, but be forwarned, this place will be as unruly as the show and I'll flame any haters with extreme prejudice. :D
  2. What is Jersey shore?
  3. It's a show where self proclaimed "Guidos" live the Guido way of life, namely by being orange and annoying.

  4. And what is a"Guildo"? Some sort of Orange Smurf?
  5. Wiki gives me this:

  6. Ah, so a bunch of pounces who think they are bad boys? That doesn't seem for great viewing.
  7. Obnoxious, low class Italian descendants, usually living in New Jersey or New York. They have a horrible sense of style, which includes spray on tans, tracksuits, cheesy gold chains, and ridiculous haircuts. They tend to be obsessed with The Godfather and mediocre Americanized Italian food. The guys try to present themselves as mafioso thugs, when usually they're just a bunch of fags. The girls are whorish, and always getting into fights with each other.

    Edit: someone beat me to it.
  8. I found this.
  9. Sounds like Danny Dyers "The Business" type people, but more annoying.
  10. I'm pretty sure the show is popular because people love to hate on it.

    It's called Jersey Shore because that's where these people go on vacation to get drunk and screw and act like total idiots.

    Some Guido pics:

    And this is a Snooki:

  11. You nailed it! I look forward to every episode. A bunch of us get together and we yell at the TV and the whole nine yards. Its hysterical, unlike any other viewing experience.

    The best way to describe the show is it is modern day Shakespeare: completely awful people doing very stupid things and causing their own problems for our entertainment.
  12. It's like all the bloody shows today, The Apprentice, X factor, all that crap.

    I've resorted to watching cookery shows like Masterchef and the Great Birtish Bake off because everyone is still positive in them.

    Come Dine With Me is a masterclass in sarky, make everyone look like a retard, reality tv.
  13. This show is so good that it even went to japan of all places.

    Even Tyrese loved it so much he decided to become producer of another lifestyle. asian-americans living in koreatown

  14. That show is hilarious.
  15. The English come dine with me narrator is freaking hilarious. I always get a laugh from his sly wit.
  16. Those Housewives shows are popular for the same reason. Horrible people with opulent lifestyles that everyone loves to hate.
  17. I don't know about this. Doesn't seem too Shakespearian to me. I always think these things are basically just freak shows. I've enjoyed them in the past but it's a bit played out for me. Still, I'll give it a chance and see.
  18. Reminded me of these.

  19. It seems it is so succesful they are now going to make a UK version. This one will be set in Newcastle so Ichi might appear on one of his nights out!
  20. I thought you were joking there. Christ on a bike. If those are the girls they've picked on the right hand side of the page then lord help us...

    It's no wonder people have a shitty stinted view of what it's like up here; the only people that get on TV from up here are Ant and Dec, Jimmy Nail, Cheryl Cole and now that group of tarts. Nevermind all the history, the heritage (1 in 3 ships in the world apparently were built on the Tyne), the Train was invented here, we have 2 world class museums, an International Sports Stadium, the worlds first light bulb (yes, a geordie beat Eddison to it, look up Joseph Swan), the worlds most popular half marathon, a booming videogame industry and supposedly the seventh best night out in the world; I assume that whoever named it seventh stuck the Quayside and avoided the Bigg Market...

    This gives me an idea for a thread actually.