The Killing - AMC/Netflix show

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by AKS, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Done with season 2. Is it worth starting season 3?
  2. What did you think of S2? Rosie Larson outstayed her welcome for me.

    Season 3 is a must watch in my opinion. It's probably the best case they work. It's also perfectly paced as a season long mystery that wraps by the finale. Of course, at that point you might as well finish S4, it's not bad but it was a pity renewal given to close the series. The shortened episode order hurt the trademark pacing a little.
  3. I like both seasons but that fact that it took two whole season to solve one murder mystery and the fact that pretty much every lead and break through they had in the first 24 episodes was a waste of time makes me a little reluctant to start a new season. I mean towards they end they would assume the killer is someone and I'd be like nope. Your wrong because you've been wrong every single time and we have more episode to go. So I'm wondering if the last two season will be the same with every episode just being false leads until the season finale. It was fun the first time but I'm not sure if another 24 hours of it will entertain the same.
  4. That was the reaction I expected most viewers to have, but Khaid and AKS seemed immune. Season 2 bored me and the detectives came off so incompetent leaving a trail of collateral damage from their many failures.


    Season 3 changes it up to an active investigation into missing persons, homicides, and serial killer. It's got much more of an emotional element for the leads this time as they are trying to stop active crimes instead of a one off case. But at its core it's still a similar format of suspense and misdirection. Only like 10 episodes though.