The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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  1. I forgot about this game, even though I did post up a thread about it a while back on the original PVC. It has been a while now since Twilight Princess, so I have high hopes for this.




  2. Has anyone said what happens if you don't have a motion plus? I haven't bothered to buy one up to this point and really don't want to be forced into purchasing an accessory for a game.

    This could be like Perfect Dark and the memory pack all over again.
  3. I bloody hope not. I was one of those people who got shafted other the Perfect Dark thing. Until I get that memory pack anyway. I would expect Nintendo to install an option for the classic controller too. Not everyone likes using the Wiimote, and I prefer using a controller myself.

    It is a shame the graphics of twilight princess is gone, and now is replace with a mature version of the Windwakers graphics. Although no problem, I like my Zelda's to look good. I think this game may actually be about how the Master Sword came to be. I don't think any one truly knows who or how it was made except that it was created to banish evil.
  4. I don't mind the graphics, if the game is good enough then I don't mind a cartoon look at all.

    What do you mean you don't know who made the mana sword, there is only one blacksmith in the world good enough, I thought it would be obvious to everyone.

  5. The Master Sword not the Mana Sword. I have not even played the Secret of Mana. :(
  6. You know what I meant the Master Sword but thinking about SoM made me put mana.

    Its irrelevant anyway as Watts did forge the Master Sword and that's a fact, you can tell your grandkids and everything, its 100% true.
  7. The hell is Watts?

    You do know the only info we have on who created the Master Sword was it was said it was created by the ancient sages. We don't know who they are, or how they created it this powerful. It could make for an interesting story in Skyward Sword, though.
  8. Watts created it from the mana sword when he found the mythical 9th sword orb. I don't know where you get your crazy stories from.
  9. That's just gumpf. Watts forged the Master Sword. Everyone should know this by now. He's unmatched in his smithy skills.
  10. Just found out some more about Skyward Sword regarding the sword:

    So apparently Link is from a world in the sky called Skyloft(Very original ^^), which means the land below is still Hyrule, and the sword before it becomes the master sword is actually a living creature. Interesting.
  11. Its an amazing coincidence that everytime there is a problem in Hyrule and bloke called Link turns up to save it. Perhaps the are like the Q and everyone called Link?

    A sword that can become a woman eh? Watts has really outdone himself this time.
  12. The sentient sword that can change is what the sword was before the master Sword was created or evolved. So it was nothing to do with this "Watts". nice try for trying to put a mana character in Zelda you goon!
  13. Thats not how it happened at all..

    Watts found the 9th Sword's orb under the ruins of the mana fortress and upgraded the mana sword for 15,000 GP. Later that evening he got so drunk after celebrating his accomplishment that he didn't secure it to his person properly and it came lose and fell to the ground somewhere nearly clock town while he was riding Flammie back home.

    The next morning the spirit of the sword woke up with quite a bad headache that even panadol extra couldn't shake. She was just happy to be in one piece after such a great fall especially after she considered what had happened to her friend Humpty only 4 months earlier. As she didn't know where she was she decided to sit on a rock and wait for some bloke in a silly green hat to come and 'pick her up' (she always was a bit easy).
  14. Anyway, back on topic. There is a new trailer out for this new Zelda and it looks awesome. See also that new character who looks like he could be Vaati from Minish Cap. Since this game looks to be in the same time-line as the Minish cap and Twilight Princess.