The Matrix 4 and 5

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  1. Yes you read the title correct. There are going to be two new Matrix films. Pretty pointless seeing as the end should have been the end.

  2. Yeah I was reading about this yesterday on IMDB. Seems like a pretty stupid idea. The Matrix was a good stand alone film, but the sequels sucked balls.
  3. Wait... didn't he become super godlike and then lose all his powers/die in the third film?
  4. You just know they'll find some faggy way to bring him back.
  5. Oh no... He won't be reincarnated will he? Like when he's in the architects room with all the recordings of previous Neos and then blah blah blah *dies*
  6. That is what they most probably wanted you to think. Then again, if Pirates of the Caribbean can continue past the trilogy, then so can the Matrix.

    This is good news, as without what the Matrix did, most action sequences would not be as amazing as it would have. I look forward to seeing if they can pull this off, but I have no idea how they could.
  7. Well, I'll be interested to see how the films turn out. Let's just hope they don't stick "To be continued" at the end of the first film.
  8. i think it's a given that it'll prob cut off abruptly
  9. I just don't see how the can get another main villain. Agent Smith was one with the matrix, I don't think anyone else could pull that off, and if they could that would be just rehashing the series.

    With that said, the machines and the machine leaders are still there, so that will most probably be the premise, along with building a new world I guess free of machines.
  10. Orrr... They discover some unimaginable truth and decide it's better to plug themselves back into the matrix and live in ignorance. Also Neo dies. Again.

    OR the machines fuse with the humans so they have human/machine hybrids.
  11. I am not surprised, movie studies are out of ideas. But I am surprised they are trying to bring back Neo. At least with Pirates they had the good sense to leave Legolas and his girlfriend out of it after they were cleanly written out of the series at the end of the last movie. Neo is just too powerful, it will be hard to come up with an opponent that is powerful enough to pose a threat but not so powerful that it isn't basically hero, villain, and miscellaneous extras.
  12. Unless he lost his God powers due to dying or whatever that boss machine zapped him with at the end.
  13. UPDATE!

    So it was fake. I actually think they could have produced something better than the second and third if they had taken a very different approach. It is still probably better that they aren't planning more sequels though.
  14. I think that would be even worse. Unless he completely lost all of his memories.

    Now if Neo was the villain, that would be pretty interesting.
  15. I'm glad it turned out to be a hoax. I'm guessing the Bill and Ted thing was fake too?
  16. You're right there, I think that's the only way they could have made it somewhat fresh and interesting without something much more drastic, like say, making a prequel set in some other notable time period (WWII, 1920-30's chicago etc) and attempting to make a group of rebels from that time fight the agents from that time preriod. LOL okay, I don't know where I got that from.
  17. I think this was debunked as false today.