The Mysterious Origin of my EA Origin Account

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by hawk4x4, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. I've been on a very unimportant quest for information tonight, but I'm still scratching my head and obsessing over not knowing something:

    Why did I make an EA Origin account?

    I don't remember what brought the topic up, but I started tumbling down a rabbit hole trying to figure out what game made me create an Origin account. It started out as just curiosity, as I remember having the Origin client on my PC a long time ago, but I don't ever remember using it. I plugged in my email address in the Origin website and sure enough, I had an account with a really old username I remember using on other services. I reset my password, hoping to find the game listed in my library. No games. Library is empty.

    I checked my profile. No games. No achievements. No friends in my list. I joined on 10/01/2011. My PSN ID is connected to my EA account, but that could supersede Origin's existence and it doesn't explain why I would have downloaded the client on my PC. What possible reason would I have to had created an account and download the client back then? I'm not the type of person to make accounts for services I never use. Does anyone recall the gaming scene back then and a possible reason I would have wanted Origin on my PC, yet not have any games in my library? Is it possible the game I was playing isn't listed because its no longer on Origin? I am complete unfamiliar with the platform, so I don't know.

    As I said, its completely a non-issue, but I hate not having answers.
  2. Ever played anything from the Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Battlefield, or Crysis series? Those are the big origin exclusives.
  3. I have Crysis and Mass Effect on Steam.

    I never owned Battlefield 3, but I think I may have played the demo? That could possibly be the answer. That makes sense given the year.
  4. EA had some mobile games back then. You may have needed an account to play but the game would never show up in your game library.
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