the not corgi thread

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  1. aggravated cuz I can't post my babies in the corgi thread! I give to you, my pillow at night :D (he tends to move after a few minutes though :()

    I actually have two, but the girl is just uninteresting but... pretty to look at :D
  2. Basset Hounds, Basically Corgi's with floppy ears. However UNLIKE Corgi's Bassets are a VERY mellow breed. I don't know if all Bassets are like this, but these guys hardly even bark! In fact other than when playing or they need to go out, they don't bark! Normal hounds howl at the moon and passing sirens but... these two don't bark at all not even at intruders! I think it's a puppy thing though. Their only 7 months and they twirl their tail like chopper propellers at intruders :| perhaps they'll replace that with a bark later. I seriously could paddle a bicycle with the torque these guys generate with their tails :lol: .

    So no dead rabbits, snakes or moles sorry guys :(

    Anyway if ya'll got pet stories you'd like to share I'm all ears!! My puppies are all ears I got these tiny ears, but you know what I mean :)
  3. What's that vent in the carpet?
  4. doh!! another hole in my carpet!! Blimey!!
  5. That would be a the carpet.  What 3rd world country do you come from?  Heat and AC blow out of that. We don't have that over here yet even I know what it is...