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  1. The Punisher

    Marvel and Netflix took a big dump on The Punisher. Turned a R rated violent character into into mass market blend of buddy cop and modern family drama.

    The season consists of 13 episodes, where we get to see Punisher Frank Castle:
    -Make a friend
    -Constantly fight with friend
    -Reluctantly partner with friend
    -Fix a single moms car
    -Then her garage
    -Discipline her unruly kid
    -Throw a football with her son
    -Become her therapist
    -Become her life coach

    What we don't see in 13 episodes:

    I count 7 legit punishments dealt. Of that 4 of them were in the first 5 minutes of episode 1. There were only 2 memorable kills the whole season, again, one of them during the first 5 minutes. Basically nothing happened between episode 4 - 10 while he became a family man lol.

    On the plus side, the guy playing Jigsaw did a good job even though they botched his backstory. The guy playing Microchip was good too and the buddy cop chemistry worked pretty well.

    In conclusion, this show is super boring and Russian hackers are artificially boosting its feedback. 99% of the good scenes are in the trailer.

  2. I'm convinced Netflix will greenlight anything at this point. Most of their shows suck and I can see why real networks passed on them.