The PVC Dad Thread

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  1. She has actually turned out really similar to me so we get on really well, she has a wind up sense of humour like me and enjoys her gaming.

    I deffo found the first year to be grim but after that it deffo gets better.
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    My son’s favorite thing right now is to fart on people and then say “happy birthday.” It’s the funniest shit ever. And if you try to cover your face with your shirt so you don’t smell it he will pull down the shirt and fart on you again.
  3. With the states opening back up I'll probably be heading back to the office soon. I'm not sure what we'll do with the kids this summer as most summer camps haven't decided if they will open or not.
  4. Wife is pregnant with baby #2. Not sure what I'll do if it's a girl. I have absolutely no idea how to raise a girl.
  5. I often wonder why people don't learn their lesson after having the first one?

    My only one is a girl and is now 13, it's easy. I've always been a very liberal parent, let her do whatever she has wanted to do and she's turned out well rounded and is a straight A student.

    I'm mostly looking forward to her being 16 or so and me being able to be a full time adult again.
  6. Still can’t believe you degenerates are breeding.

  7. @Grim

    Most people never learn a goddamn thing because unprotected sex feels amazing
  8. We're actually talking about a kid number 3. I kind of wish we had 3 kids but I think I'm too old at this point. I'm already looking forward to retirement.
  9. I've heard that 13 to 16 age can be the worst if they decide to rebel. A rebellious teen girl sounds terrifying.
  10. My wife no longer has the means to reproduce and because I am an old man now, I no longer have the inclination to perform the act which facilitates reproduction. It is a win/win situation.
  11. If only I was divorced, I could just make her live with her mother..
  12. I can't imagine having no interest in sex. I'm gonna be a horndog til the day I die.
  13. That dude has been eating soggy peas for almost 40 years... can't be good for the libido.
  14. It gave him a really bad attitude too. He's so cranky. A lifetime of sad, disappointing British food will do that to do you.
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    IMO, there is more pressure on a man when raising a boy. You're kind of responsible for their life learning. Can he fix a car, start a fire with rocks, play quarterback, be successful in life? That's all on you. In my case, my daughter has been easier. Her and her mom butt heads but we always get along. I just want to protect her and not give in when she uses the puppy dog eyes to get what she wants. And when she spills water on her Chromebook, and then tries to fix it herself by dumping rice on the keyboard and slamming it shut, thereby destroying many of the keys on the keyboard...we forgive her.
  16. My wife says my cargo shorts are very dad like but the truth is, I'm a cargo shorts for life guy. I have, and always will wear cargo shorts. She also said she would burn any white shoes I buy and I'm okay with that.