The Shoe Thread

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  1. What shoes do you guys wear?

    I have a pair of Nike Air Force Ones and a pair of Adidas Sambas. I also have a pair of Sperry Top-sider gold cup dress shoes, and some Reef sandals.
  2. Crocs Classic for my yard shoes.


    Reef sandals for my summer wear.

  3. For formal situations, I wear Dansko clogs.


    I'm not kidding about this. They are awesome and very comfortable. I have wide feet. 4E

    I usually wear New Balance running shoes during the warmer months and Dockers or Rockport high top leather shoes during the winter.
  4. I thought Dansko only made womens shoes.
  5. My L.L.Bean everyday shoes.


    My Brooks workout shoes.


    My dressy/casual Clarks.


    These are similar to my Keen hiking boots.

  6. No way. I've worn them for years. Really comfortable.
  7. I used to wonder why my brother always had 50 pairs of shoes... when I first started working at the shoe store he used to work for I had 2 or 3 pairs... now I have at least 10 xD. I'd share some with you if I could but... I just can't find those nifty pics you all seem to find xD my shoes are:
    Oldass Chuck Taylors (aka Converse high tops... friggen hard to get out of when wet)
    Salomon ??? (I wear these a LOT)
    Sketchers (my brother always says I'm gellin' in these)
    Bass Canyon ('athletic' shoes, I just bought them, heavier than my old ones)
    Bass Falcon ('athletic' shoes, you see technically their water shoes but... my puppies chewed the toes through... or maybe I just wore em out running after them)
    Bass Clermont (accidently bought 2 sizes too small :( but they sure look sweet :D)
    Bass Burke (old man deck shoes)
    Bass Tanner (sandles)
    Bass Belay (cool sandle- shoe hybrid)
    Bass Sabre (nice thick boots)
    Bass Payne (REAL PAIN to wear made to just stand in dress shoes)
    Bass Obrien (my favorite dress shoes :D black, really comfy)
    Bass Thorpe (comfortable brown dress shoes)
    and a couple hand me down dress POS I got along the way at some time...
  8. I nearly bought a womens shoes called the Bass ORLY... no srsly ORLY.
  9. What do you think of these? Supposed to be a boar hunting shoe.


    I need some winter boots. I was thinking of getting one of these.

  10. I usually wear boots made by Caterpillar in the Winter for work. I know they are usually used in construction but they keep me warm and give pretty decent grip when it gets snowy/icy. The only thing I don't use them for is to drive as the sole is pretty big and I end up breaking too sharp or releasing the clutch too quickly as I can never judge the pedals properly with them on.

    I actually need some new trainers (sneakers for the Americans here) as mine look pretty worn now.
  11. I wouldn't mind having a pair that I could wear all day and drive with. That first pair looks pretty flexible.
  12. My favorite shoe is the Shenmue and it's successor the Shenmue 2 Air.
  13. shutup! Where do you buy those from?? I bet their discontinued.... do they like cut off your toe if you don't react in time?? That's sweat! My bro's waiting for the Shenmue 3 Wind... but it's been so long I don't think their coming out with it and now I can't find anything like them!!
  14. Those are the one i have right now:




  15. I was thinking of getting these Rockports. Opinions?

  16. Brand new:
  17. Nice. What brand?

    These are my waterproof Merrell Moabs


    And my Kamik snow boots

  18. nice boots
  19. Right now when I'm dressing casual I have these rat shoes:


    And for combat, I'm wearing these:


  20. Those boots at the bottom are the most ugliest things I have ever seen shoe wise.