The Slag list

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Phisix, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Don't know about your country, but over here someone has created a website where you add people and vote for them as a slag. There has been lots added from my town already. :D haha
  2. What's a slag? Some of us don't understand your Brit slang.
  3. ever seen the facebook movie??
  4. A girl who sleeps around a lot. You slag!
  5. My girlfriend is a moral prude so I've been turning her into a slag. Hopefully I'm not playing with fire. :|
  6. she'll turn into an insatiable nymph who is unsatisfied by you!
  7. That's pretty much impossible since I'm sort of a stud and I'm up for the challenge. Hopefully that never happens though. ;)
  8. Any tips for Monkey? His cobwebs and rust needs a little spring clean.
  9. thought Munkey was married. He doesn't need those kind of tips ~~
  10. yeah- this is a man's world. your will is law! be masculine, say it like it is because you're the boss- be virile, take what you want and do what you want- ladies will fall into place and respect your primordial nature. don't buy into feminist propaganda that cuts off a man's balls.
  11. I clicked the link and did not see tits, or even pics.

    I petition to voteban Phisix.
  12. Tere's pics, only two loaded up for me though...