The UK Riots(August 2011)

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  1. What the hell is going on up there?

    ^ Video, Talk about being outnumbered. scary stuff.
  2. I'm waiting for a report from grim, he's in the hotspot. If there's no news from him tomorrow, I'm assuming he's dead.
  3. Why are people rioting? I looked at a few news articles, but none of them said what set this off.
  4. A policeman accidently shot and killed someone. It's rather bad over there. Looting, buildings cars etc on fire and rioters throwing anything at the police.

    Check all of these pictures out on whats been happening:
  5. I thought British police didn't carry guns.
  6. Only the armoured response Unit.

    Riots in Birmingham and now Liverpool. Not looking good. The Champions League final will most probably be changed from Wembly now and all London football games may also be canceled for this Saturday.
  7. Are those basically your equivalent of SWAT teams?
  8. Yeah that is how I would put it. They need to be called soon as more and more things are being set on fire. A giant Sony factory and supposedly the area under the millennium wheel has been set alight.

    Check out live feed via the BBC.


    Someone was shot and critically ill in Hospital. Riots spreading to a few places in the UK and I also saw a video of a Asian kid getting attacked by a large gang, made to stand up carefully then robbed. The guy who robbed walked away with swagger. Wankers!
  9. Seems like a good topic for a future documentary, especially if they can get Malcom McDowell to narrate and talk about "ultraviolence."
  10. Of all the places that might riot right now I didn't expect London.
  11. A criminal that was well respected in his community was shot and killed by the police. They said he shot at them first, as evidenced by a bullet lodged in a policeman's radio. Turns out the gun he was carrying was incapable of firing and the bullet was a police issued one.

    Really though, that's not the sole reason. That incident was just a catalyst. Long term youth unemployment, police corruption and wealth inequality are all behind this. Things have just expanded from the first night of rioting now.
  12. China has all these things. There be no rioting there. But I suppose the very real threat of being shot discourages that...
  13. Rioters are completely retarded. They really are. They get pissed off and start trashing the city they live in, who's going to have to foot the bill? Their council tax sure won't be going down after all this. They don't achieve anything positive in the least, all they do is show the world how retarded they are, covering up their faces and attacking the police. Hooligans and criminals is all they are... oh, and retarded. Did I mention that?

    All I saw in that video were hoods. Hoods hoods and more hoods, and youngsters wonder why people don't like hoodies. It's because they're the clothing choice of twats.
  14. Well I have made it into work and I have seen nothing.

    The part of Croydon my office is in seems clear and all the rumours I had heard such as Greggs being done over seem to false as I saw people coming out with sausage rolls!

    I think most of the trouble was down at West Croydon which is the 'bad' part of our town.
  15. There are police everywhere, nearly all the shops are closed and are boarding themselves up and there is always at least 1 chopper over head. I may go and tell my boss I am leaving in a minute as if they do expect it to kick off again I don't really want to be around.

    On a side note Sky News are reporting that rubber bullets may be used, about time too, shame they are not real ones IMO.
  16. I would go if I was you mate. That person got attacked and robbed in daylight and it did not bother the gangs. Once they have signed on at the job center they will be in full force.

  17. Well I am waiting for my last emergency backup to finish and then I am probably gone. Don't care what the bosses think, my own safety comes first.
  18. Post when you're home so we know you're ok.
  19. I have snagged a lift (as I usually walk to and from work) so should all be good. I doubt anything much will kick off until after dark but I would rather not risk anything.

    Taking as many backups offsite as I can tonight. My boss called me just after I finished on EDF last night panicing about data and I spent the next few hours moving stuff to one of our branch offices.
  20. Found out from Toyota my car is ready to pick up. Do I wan't to go over there (considering there is a Costco almost next door) to pick it up tonight? Might be handy to have it in case of emergency.