The Witcher 3

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  1. I haven't loaded it yet because I didn't think my 780 GTX would run it well. New drivers came out today and if they improved anything I may load it.
  2. Reports are that on the 780 people are getting 10-15fps bump.. I'll try my rig later!
  3. Does The Witcher 3 have a benchmark tool? I might load Far Cry 4 and do before and after test.
  4. Nope.. also make sure you put the game in "fullscreen" mode unless you are on surround. There seems to be stutter issues when you don't enable fullscreen for some reason.

    It loves gorgeous now. So much so I have everything notched up to Ultra bar hairworks and I am getting 55-70fps.
  5. What resolution your running?
  6. 1440p @144hz on the ROG swift
  7. What about the game itself? How would you compare it to other, "western" rpgs, considering it was supposed to be a "eastern european knock off"?

    What about the plot, characters, side quests, the gameplay? Does it stand against Skyrim or Dragon Age, for example?
  8. Funny you should mention Skyrim, because I have been telling my friends that is exactly what it feels like.
  9. I mean there were concerns this would be worse than Skyrim, yet I'd say it is a comparably mature experience.

    I am like 20 hours into the game and sure, I know the background as I've read all the books several times but I believe Witcher 3 as a game is one of the best open crpg games of all. And it gets better and better the more I play.

    I am in Velen now, got into Oxenfurt and Novigrad and, damn, cities are great, huge and detailed and no loading is necessary to enter them. Open areas are beautiful and the game doesn't just copy its predecessors, rather it has its own style.

    But what shines most are quests. It's not only me, as people seem to praise the game for quests, but I found some quests to be in the very top of all quests of all open world games I've played. The Bloody Baron quest, for example, could easily be a background story of a whole game, yet it is one of many, many quests in the game.

    I really hope Bethedsa/Bioware take their lesson and rethink some aspects of their games, especially quests, after playing Witcher.
  10. I'm surprised we haven't heard more from the PS4 crowd here. It's the 3rd highest rated game of all time for PS4.
  11. I'll pick this one up for PS4 at a later date. After playing Dragon Age, I'm not really in the mood for another 100+ hour sword and sorcery themed RPG. Plus, the patches will be ironed out by that time. It still sounds like it has plenty of performance issues, despite the high ratings.
  12. That's fair you don't want yet another rpg after a huge one.

    Regarding performance issues however, I haven't noticed anything important. Game is smooth as it should be, even in big cities.
  13. Ill be getting in in a few weeks once I save up some money. Been wanting it for a while especially after how much praise it is getting.
  14. It seems like a mixed bag in terms of people's opinions on whether it's that serious or not. But there are some specific issues that the current patches haven't fixed yet (Crookback Bog), so I'd rather wait. Link below has a number of comparisons for different patches etc.
  15. Latest console patch is coming out this weekend. Link has the list of various fixes…
  16. Finally loaded it. I'm able to play at 40 to 45 fps with everything ultra except foliage distance on high and hair works off. Not bad. I don't think I'll be needing a new card for this.
  17. I am like 20 hours into the game, level 10 at the moment (leveling here is quite slow).

    I am almost at the point where I would say this is the best game I've ever played. A perfect balance between setting, world, character, quests and mechanics.

    Few screenshots from me

  18. I haven't played long enough to really have a good review yet but I did find the art direction a little odd. Things close up look amazing but the environment in the distance kind of has a surreal watercolor look to it. I noticed it most in the water.
  19. Didn't you say you turned off the higher quality distance drawing in the settings? That could be part of it.
  20. I had foliage draw distance and shadows turned to high.

    Here is High
    Here is Ultra.

    More trees and darker shadows. Water still looks like a painting. It's not bad but I preferred Dragon Age water.