The Witcher 3

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  1. I couldn't get used to that water for a while.

    On the other hand, even the smallest puddle is reflective which looks nice. From your screens, you are still in the very first area. Once you get to second, where the two big cities are, you should have some wider panoramas. Specifically, rivers are much wider there, there are also some lakes.
  2. In those particular screen grabs, it reminds me of the water in jet ski games like Wave Race.
  3. After 18 hours I've just hit level 5 and haven't accomplished much of anything
  4. Are you in Velen already? Have you met the Bloody Baron?
  5. I just met the Bloody Baron. I've mostly been running around hitting all the mystery points on the maps.
  6. The whole Bloody Baron line is definitely the best, at least so far. If you don't get into the game after this quest, you can as well just quit playing.

    I've spent last my few hours in Novigrad, started the quest line there that requires 10th level. The city is so huge and so detailed and so well designed I really hope Bethesda plays this and does similar in next TES.
  7. I'm about 50 hours into the game at level 12 and I still haven't done anything with the main quests since the Bloody Baron. I'm thinking I'm going to pass 300 hours on this game pretty easily.
  8. I’m closing in on 90 hours now and I think it’s safe to say that the Witcher 3 can be considered one of the greatest games of all time. It may not be in the top 10 and maybe not even in my all-time favorites list…yet, but it’s very good and here’s why. The world immersion is fantastic. One of the first game reviews I read talked about how the main story line wasn’t all that great but where the game shined was in the side quest. I think I have to agree with that. Maybe it’s a flaw of the game that I haven’t felt compelled to constantly move forward with the story but it also might have something to do with how well they did everything else. I think this maybe be the first RPG video game where I’m actually enjoying the RPG aspect. Sometimes I just like to play the role of a Witcher without actually moving the story forward. The loot, skill trees, and primary story are all great but I don’t always feel like I need to be working towards those ends to have fun.
  9. If I hated the two earlier Witcher games, is there any chance I would enjoy this one?
  10. Probably not. At it's core it's similar to Skyrim but it's still a Witcher game with a unique theme that not everyone likes. I don't recall if you liked Skyrim.
  11. I loved Skyrim. But I tried to get into the two previous Witcher games and hated them.
  12. Great to hear that.

    I am somewhere in the middle of the game, just arrived to Skelige after cleaning most of Novigrad quests. And I too believe this is one of the best games I've ever played.

    Part of that is probably the setting itself, references to known characters and events. For example, without reading books, you miss much of who Filippa Eilhart is and what is her relation with Geralt and Yen. She's just one more npc you interact with somehow.

    But even not knowing these imporant facts and people, one just has to admit the balance between storyline, just wandering around, mechanics, graphics and sound is unique. Some quests are among best in gaming history, the whole already mentioned Baron line for example.

    Btw. Have you already completed all books that were translated and released in English?
  13. I’m in the same spot as you and made my first visit to Skelige last night. My first thought was Damnnn. I just spent 90 hours exploring the last map and this one is just as big. And yeah I got the immediate feeling that I was missing part of the story when Filippa Eilhart was mention and when Geralt seemed to know the people of importance on the island. I have a feeling the second half of the game is going to be confusing for me. I’ve still only read the one book. I might read more later but not before I finish the game.
  14. Crach is one of those known from Books. And I must admit, the king's castle in Skelige is impressive! The way you reach it, either by a wide road or by a narrow path on rock's side.

    It was one of many moments of my "wow" here. I really believe this gen's elder scrolls will copy much of these.
  15. The very first Elder Scrolls also kinda sucked.

    I am into the frachise starting from Daggerfall. I love Skyrim too and if this could be an indication, I would bet you liked Witcher 3.
  16. I actually thought up through Morrowind ranged from lousy to meh. Oblvion was the first really good Elder Scrolls game IMO.
  17. On the other hand, I haven't really played previous Witchers and I have serious doubts I would like them. Open world and the feeling of freedom is a kind of a fundamental requirement for me but from I read, two first Witchers take place in set of closed areas. I doubt you could feel any epicness in such environment.
  18. This game can sometimes look absolutely amazing, considering it's an open world.

  19. It looks like you are going heavy armor. I wanted to go light but then I found all the griffin gear so I'm all medium. Since you've read all the books I'm betting you are pursuing Yennifer. Triss has been the main interest in the past games so I'm leaning that way.
  20. Triss' accent is jarring to me given the setting and 95% of other accents in the game. That said I have no idea about what's needed to be done to pursue someone... I just do what I like. I'll probably end up with a shit ending or something.

    I'm sticking to light armor as I prefer the perks. I'm only level 16 though. I'm just about the start the cat gear quest and hope I get something good. So far the Griffin armor isn't that great compared to my light armor options anyway.