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  1. I broke down and decided I’d take the time to upgrade all my Griffin gear. I did all the superior upgrades and then went for the Master Craft. Did those and then realized I just lost all my gear because I wasn’t level 34 yet. Doh. Reload last save.
  2. I'm doing the fist fight quests because there are a few trophies for them on PS4. I have the ones for Velen and not being hit in a fight, just need the one for beating some bloke in Skeliege now.

    I'm now on superior Feline gear, just need to hit 34 and I will mastercraft.
  3. Where did you guys put most of your ability points? I did fast attack, medium armor, and put the rest into signs. In those I maxed out Quen and put most the rest in Yrden, and Axii. Quen is always useful but I think the Yrden upgrades were kind of pointless. Axii wasn’t that great either. I can mind control a group of bandits until they kill each other but it’s so much faster to jump in and do the work myself. I never put a single point in Aard and still found it to be useful. My sign bonus is so high it doesn’t even need upgrades.
  4. I put like 1/3 of my points into Quen and Igni, both prove to be useful. Spent like 3 points into Axii so that I can settle some things without unnecessary fights.

    I believe Igni is not so-much-needed however I like the effect it has when upgraded to the 2nd level where there is a direct flow of sparkles towards a single enemy that puts them on fire and lets you perform critical attacks. Quen is imporant, at least one boss fight can't be done without it, I believe.

    The other 2/3 of my points were distributed on fast and strong attacks and some minor abilities.

    Frankly, since I played on the 2nd level where you regenerate health by meditating, I don't think the distribution matters.

    What was your outcome at the end of the game? Can we spoil some already or wait until most of us end the main quest line?
  5. I've done a few in signs to get Axii for the conversation options, other than that everything is in the red group. I have one blue mutagen attached to a group of blues and the other 3 are all on red. With the cat gear this makes my DPS really high. Both my swords also Bleed, Poison and Burn.

    I use Quen when I fight golems or fiends as they hit hard, the odd thing gets Igni if it is weak but most of the time it is Axii to slow or control, take the edge off a fight.

    Haven't finished it yet so no ending.

    I never ever use oils, I probably should but my high DPS negates the need. I killed a fiend too quickly and it meant it didn't run away, ended up bugging out another quest and had to reload and kill it slower to get it to run to start the second part.
  6. I haven't finished the game yet either but I'm very close and have gotten a few...I don't know what to call it. It's like the game suddenly cuts away to tell the story of an NPC. It's weird and almost like a Monty Python sketch.

    From what I've read signs are probably the weakest place to put points but I've always liked the variety of attacks. Making a guy stab his own friend in the back isn't efficient but it is fun. I think the potions branch is supposed to be the most powerful but who the heck does that. I've collected every single oil, elixir, bomb, and potion and almost never use any of them. I suppose on a higher difficulty I'd need them.
  7. CD Projekt Red have announced that patch 1.9 is going to be massive, fixing performance issues on PS4 and other bugs here and there. No release date yet but with the Expansion coming out on the 13th I don't expect it to be too far away.
  8. Last night I spotted a chair floating in the air out over a lake.

    Found some video of it. Guess it's a normal bug after a certain quest completes.
  9. Finally finished at 156 hours.
  10. Just hit 34, now in full master feline gear, done all hunts apart from bugged one and landed on Skeliege to look for sunstone and start the final push.

    Just hope there is enough EXP left on main quest (2000 odd) to get me to 35 for gold trophy otherwise will have to play a little NG+, come too far not to get that one.
  11. There is.

    You will gain at least two levels on last few quests.
  12. And I'm done, to answer the earlier question about endings without spoiling lets say I got the 'witcher' ending.

    Have to say this was a fantastic game, a real joy to play but towards the end I did get a few bugs and that was annoying.

    There are some more trophies I could get without starting again but not sure I will bother for a couple of %. The big ones are the hardest difficulty one and the platinum and not sure I want to try to do that, mainly because it will mean a lot of Gwent.

    Not sure whether I will get the expansions or not but for now very content.

    Once everyone is done and spoilers aren't an issue I will reveal the story elements of my ending that ran after the cut scene.
  13. I didn't like gwent at first but I stuck with it and after I learned the basics I became an addict. I hadn't planned on getting the expansion any time soon but I just learned it comes with two real gwent decks! It's a must buy now. The Monster and Scoia'tael decks were my least favorite but whatever. It sounds like they will have the other two latter on.


    In regards to the ending I was just a little disappointed. There is a rather epic part that gets completely glossed over. Maybe it's in the books or something. I also ran into a bug where that boss frost mage didn't fight back. He just stood there and let me beat him.
  14. Books reflect the story that happens much earlier than games. There are a lot of details in the game that refer to books which could not be clear to someone who doesn't have the background.

    This includes dijkstra and his relation to Filippa Eilhart, Geralt-Yen-Ciri trio and their relations, crach and his relation with pavetta, mother of ciri and of course the emperor, how he planned to marry pavetta and how he hides that from everyone so that geralt finds it out in last (or the one before last) books.

    If you liked the game, you should definitely read books.
  15. Apparently the 1.10 patch is up to 15GB depending on which platform you are playing..

    That is one hell of a download.
  16. Seeing as I am downloading the huge update I am going to try to go for platinum. That means beating the game again on Hard and doing all the Gwent quests..

    Here we go again, signs and oils this time me thinks.
  17. First thing I thought was you're crazy. I might do another play through if I hadn't done most everything the first time. I am a little tempted to try it on hard because normal was just too easy. I spend so much time collecting all the oils, potions and bombs but I never needed any of them. 8 of my 10 deaths were probably caused by falling damage.

    I also just found out that the human faction of the gwent decks were limited to the XBox version. So I might not bother getting the other two decks if there is no way I can collect them all.
  18. I started it, death march is hard. Everything hits really hard and you need double the Exp to level up. Died a few times already in white orchard. Even a wolf can kill me in 3 hits.

    On the plus side, won a game of Gwent already, first time ever too so woohoo.
  19. Funny thing about gwent is the matches for rare powerful cards are easy and the matches against vendors for worthless cards can be really hard.
  20. While waiting for the dlc, I am rather disappointed the Skelige Most Wanted was not fixed in the last patch :(