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    The interface in this game got a big overhaul in the update that goes along with Blood and Wine. It's much better organized, has a better map, and has bigger text that's easier to read. One of the few complaints that I had with this otherwise great game is that I thought the UI could be better. But it's pretty much perfect now. They fixed a ton of things with this update. It may be my imagination, but the clunky character movement seems to be largely gone and seems smooth now. They also made it easier to do all the Gwent related stuff. CDPR seems like a company that really listens to feedback from their fans.
  2. Downloading Blood and Wine now. After a break I'm ready for another 30 hours.

    Out of curiosity who did people pick for their love interest? I stuck with Triss just because of previous games
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    I haven't picked yet, but I was thinking of going with Yennifer. She's supposed to be the main love interest from the books.

    I'm starting to think witchers are called witchers because they bang a lot of sexy witches. Keira Metz, Yennifer, Triss...all of the witches in this game are so sexy. Even the three ugly old hag witches have sexy naked alter egos.
  4. Witchers and witches are both social outcast so it makes sense they are drawn together. Of course Geralt was never above banging a few monsters either.

    In the first DLC he meets up with an Shani from the first Witcher game. She is just a doctor but I think she is one of the most complicated love interest.

  5. I went with Triss first time as Yen was so absent for the first part of the game and seemed cold when you did meet her

    I have starter a second play through and will pick Yen but Dark Souls 3 has taken over so it is on hold.
  6. What ending did people get? I got the worst one since I did not know most of the choices regarding Ciri gave you different ones.
  7. I got the best one because i am awesome.
  8. I thought this was funny.

  9. CD Project Red released a video to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Witcher Series today.

  10. I've been meaning to play this again but now I'm going to wait for this free release.
  11. I hope this counts for the copy of Witcher 3 I got from PS Plus. I have the PC and PS4 versions.
  12. CD Projekt announced a new Witcher game. The teaser looks like School of the Cat medallion. If I remember right, that school is rejects and assassins for hire. The game will run on Unreal Engine 5 instead of some new version of REDengine.

  13. i think going with Unreal was a smart move. CDPR struggles to optimize their games. Unreal engine is already very well optimized.
  14. Sounds promising. Russians seem to be good with technical stuff.
  15. Yeah, that was promising before the war and sanctions. Now no one wants to do business with Russia, thus the indefinite delay.
  16. I was referring to the Russians' technical wizardry on display in the war. I wish they'd looked elsewhere for this task. There is no telling what will happen with this situation now.
  17. I'm not sure if they were planning to make much off the update so they probably can't afford to hire a Western team to do it.
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    Unreal Engine 5 tech demo. Honestly, I don't love it. Not sure why. Things are a bit gray and shaky. Guess it's needs some polish and artistic design.

    Actually it kind of looks like they just pasted the Witcher into this demo which looks a little better but still has issues. That 3080 seems to be struggling with it. I actually feel a little motion sick after watching it.