The World of Warcraft thread.

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  1. Another ported thread.

    I am finally ready for raiding now.(Level 85) We I was last week but I since improved my gear with three new epics. My first three epics too. These consist of:

    [Gift of Nadun]:
    [Belt of the Ferocious Wolf]:

    And I finally(After spending lots of gold and mining metals) maxed my Blacksmithing out which I was able to buy a recipe to make this:

    [Elementium Deathplate]:

    I am Heroic geared in the rest of my slots except a clock which is still Ilv 333, but the end boss in Lost City still wont drop it. I also just need to add another gem to my belt, change a few to blue gems so my meta gem helm bonus will activate the crit+ and I need to get exalted and revered with two other factions to get the epic head and shoulder enchants to be complete.

    My armoury link for my character if you wish to check me out:

    I am hoping to get a slot in the raid for next week, I would have mentioned it this week but it is pointless after they already started it over a couple of days. I just hope I can get that Epic Axe from Magmar in Blackwing Decent raid.

    You still playing, Khaid and Monkey?
  2. I'd like to get back into it at some point, but I'm going to start from scratch with a new character. I'd like experience the new 1-60 content.
  3. I have a friend who cannot leave the new 1-60 content alone. He has yet to get to 85, and keeps starting up new toons just to see the new areas and such.(He was originally a wow hater, but I blagged him to try the trial and he was hooked.)

    Which faction side do you prefer? The new Worgen are quite cool, but I still feel love for Orcs and Belfs.

    I have also taken up PVP again, and it is still fun. The new BGS are okay and the new Wintergrasp: Tol Barad is okay. I was lucky enough to win an epic PVP trinket last week from the Tol Barad aid boss Pitlord Argaloth too, which compliment my 2 piece PVP set I just got today.
  4. I prefer Alliance so I'll probably play as a Worgen.
  5. What do you prefer, ranged or melee? That way you can choose which Worgen you want to be. Rogue and Warrior are awesome, but you could be an OP Mage or a sexy Warlock. That's if a Worgen can be those two ranged classes.
  6. Once again I have stopped playing this, but only because I am having money issues at the moment and I need a new graphics card as it lags far too much for me.

    Anyone, there is some new content coming but its recycled once again: Patch 4.1:

    So Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub return, although for people like me who never played them in their prime will be happy with this, old-school players may have a different opinion.