The Worlds End

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Phisix, May 10, 2012.

  1. About time! :D
  2. I was there only the other day. I must be prophetic.

  3. What was you doing in Camden eh? You some sort of goth or something hmmm?
  4. I went to look at the freaks.
  5. A likely story, I reckon you was picking up a new pair of New Rocks!


    Then popping down the road to London Zoo to kick the Komodo Dragons with your new metal plated boots in the hope that they bite you so that you could express to your parents just how much you hate them while you died slowly from the bacteria filled bite!
  6. That's... Quite some story you've got there. How long have you got left to live?
  7. Nothing about the film then lads?

    I am hoping it is nearer the comedy value of Shaun and not Hot Fuzz. Shaun always kept me laughing whereas Hot Fuzz gave me a few now and again. Both good comedy's but Shaun was far superior.
  8. I like Shaun but I think it's way overrated. I found hot fuzz to be way funnier.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I think I preferred Hot Fuzz as well, though it was maybe a smidge too long.
  11. Hardly. It was crap compared to Shaun and Nick Frost was wasted on that retarded copper with a farmers accent. Doghouse is better than Hot Fuzz and thats saying something,
  12. Methinks you need to go on that film appreciation course monkey went on.
  13. I love how "your taste in movies sucks ass" and "stick to Transformers and Ashton Kutcher movies, retard" have been replaced with "maybe you should take a film appreciation course." We've become very civil around here.
  14. Hot Fuzz was a comedy movie that had no comedy. The irony and the elaborately expensive troll job managed to make me laugh.
  15. I thought Hot Fuzz was a pretty good parody of buddy cop movies. I laughed quite a bit at it.
  16. No, I just have better taste than you Chi.
  17. You enjoyed Wrath of the Titans, your opinion is invalid.
  18. Tell him to stick to Michael Bay movies!
  19. This may be more appropriate.
  20. I enjoyed the action and mythology side of Wrath, not the low key story line. Shaun is better than Hot Fuzz and that is fact.