Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by supersonic, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. I installed a bunch of themes, thinking people could just pick their own. Also, this bright white theme hurts my eyes.

    But it looks like each theme will have to be customized with basic settings and other crap, which just isn't going to happen.

    We can do a straight up vote on which theme people like best, or recommend other themes.... I got more important shit to do like make a dozen more PVCF4 gravestones.
  2. To be honest the white one doesn't bother me. I am only likely to use the web version at work and then the rest of the time I will be on Tapatalk.

    I suspect most of us will use Tapatalk 90% of the time anyway.
  3. I never use Tapatalk. Ever. I think it corrupts the pureness of a websites experience. You should consider giving it up.

    As for the theme. The white can be a little bright on the big screen. The old PVC theme was kind of boring but good for the eyes. It was light blues and grays right?
  4. Tapatalk is so convenient though. I don't come here to be wowed by the web design.
  5. Does tapatalk work again? I just used to use it but then things went very wrong indeed.
  6. Seems to be fine so far. None of that outdated certificate stuff from before.
  7. I made a new theme for the Emergency Channel.
  8. Mobile view looks the same. Desktop view... MY EYES
  9. It looks fine.
  10. Ha you dummies. You are supposed to go into your options to see new themes?

    Maybe I had just been staring at it too long.

    I was trying to edit the CSS to make it more like that, but you should've seen the atrocity I created.... I think it's just going to be easier finding a darker theme. This was burning away at my eyes, but I've also been looking at one site a lot more than I normally would have.

    I like the Emergency Channel! It worked exactly as intended. It gave the proper effect of being trapped in a bomb shelter.
  11. I'm glad we brought signatures back. We've been needing this feature.

  12. I vote for neon yellow and lime green
  13. You have no taste Chi.
  14. I have all the taste. You should trust me, I'm an artist.
  15. Well I stumbled upon the old theme... I like it, easy on the eyes. Think I'm gonna keep it this way.

    Now I can continue editing gravestones in MS Paint. I have a problem.
  16. Two thumbs up.

  17. Looks good. A bit of old and new.
  18. Looks really good and the corrected tombstone marking has my approval.
  19. Liking the new layout. Is it just for Xmas time?