There Be Water In My Remote.

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Phisix, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Had a few friends around mine last night and after coming back home from my mates earlier after cleaning up I found my TV remote which was slightly damp on the bottom half of it(batteries area) inside(I assume) and out.

    Now, the problem lies with that this remote is the only way to access AV on my TV for my PS3. There is no manual button on the TV before you ask and thus I cannot play it. I was just wondering, if it drys out would it work again or is it doomed to the life on the scrapheap?
  2. Remove the batteries and put it in a bag of dry plain rice for a day. If it is going to dry out and work that is your best bet.
  3. I don't have any rice I am afraid. Anything else I could use?
  4. Just leave it somewhere warm for 24 hours. Water shouldn't do anything too terrible as it will just be bridging circuits and shorting things out but it shouldn't leave anything on the board when its dried. There shouldnt be anything too terrible ina remote that it could have fried. If it was coke or booze etc it may gunk things up a bit and you may find that it is dead. Make sure you take the batteries out and then wait and see.

    Are you sure going down from channel 1 doesn't take you to the ext/AV channels? A lot of TVs do and I never use my remote.
  5. Nope mine doesn't for some reason. I bought it off a mate ages ago and she forgot the remote so I thought I could just do it manually like all TV's I have had. I went down and up from channel 1 and nothing. That said, when Sky TV was hooked up into AV that would come on somehow from going down from Channel 1.

    3 scart plugs and now manual seems weird to me.
  6. you could buy a universal remote... their not cheap though...
  7. Some of them never work properly though.
  8. Try the ziploc full of rice thing. And if that doesn't work get a Logitech Harmony.
  9. I don't have any like I said above, but I wrapped it up in a big towel and put it in one of my draws. If it doesn't work in the morrow I was take it around my mates house and genitally dry it using his missus's hairdryer.
  10. Definitely go with the genitally drying. Solve two problems with one sexy solution!
  11. Is this a standard def TV? HDTVs are like a $1.50 these days. This might be a sign it's time to upgrade.
  12. Yeah I need spare money first and I need to find a new place so I cant have one at the moment.
  13. post of the year material right there
  14. WTF dude?

    You're always looking for a new place to stay...
  15. Yeah I was half asleep typing that lol.

    Yeah my dickhead of a flatmate is getting us kicked out because he is a major bellend. Good thing in a way as cannot stand the cont.

    Oh and the control briefly worked last night before it conked out again, so will see if it works and if not ill "gently" hairdryer it later. :p
  16. Got some extended time for when I have to leave so that is cool. Remote not working yet but left it at my mates. Hogged his HD TV all day as I was finishing off Uncharted 3's trophys but really wish I had a working remote.
  17. I am going to have to get a universal remote tomorrow. Just hope Tesco sells one in store still. So annoying not being able to game on. Now I know how Grim feels.
  18. That's a shame, would be much better to put that money towards a HDTV. Hopefully they have one for a decent price.
  19. I had enough a few weeks ago but had bills and things to sort out. I'll get one sooner or later, just dont trust one in this house with my flat mate to be honest.

    I just hope a universal remote will work, I have heard of them not working and I need to game dammit.