Things That Have Made You Angry Today

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  1. Something piss you off today? Let us know here.

    Today, I am mostly been pissed off by this:

  2. You shouldn't let the Westboro Baptist Church make you angry, you should laugh at them like the rest of us. Both Louis Theroux and Keith Allen have done interesting TV documentaries on them, worth seeking out.
  3. Why would you be angry about this? These Westboro retards are hilarious.

    And the thing I will say about them is that at least they don't try to hide what Christianity is really all about: ignorance, violence, and hate.
  4. It pisses me off that they're allowed to do what they do. Picketing funerals and brainwashing their kids into believing all that stuff. Ranting on about how your God hates this and your God hates that. They disowned their own daughter because she noticed some hypocrisies in their beliefs. It makes me sick that they're breathing our oxygen. Religious nuts I can just about tolerate, these sick fucks need shooing. You guys have guns, make it happen.
  5. I think the Westboro Baptist Church is a good thing. It cuts through all the bullshit and shows what Christianity is really all about. I think if more people saw this kind of thing, almost no one would be Christian.
  6. Or more people would be. Gullibility seems rife around those parts. Anyway that's my rant about those guys for today. Anything pissed you off today?
  7. Oh I would absolutely love to toss some molotov cocktails into one of their protests and shoot any survivors, and then take a flamethrower to their piece of shit church. But on the other hand, I kind of like them because they make religion look really, really bad.
  8. I'm angry about waking up at 5am to go to work. Hate early mornings with a passion.
  9. now that's a very shortsided remark. These extremists don't represent all of Christianity just as my damned Belkin wireless receiver I'd been wrestlin with all mornin doesn't represent all wireless adapters. It's just one (EXTREME) viewpoint on God's love, some can only accept it in one absolute way others give some leeway. I think that is the definition of extreme. This is like saying Alterego is representative of all Macintosh theory. It's assinine and shortsided to even think that.
  10. That 24 year old wasn't too bad looking considering the possible incestuous past.
  11. Using my other wireless adapter... hatred subsiding. Much better. Now I get to blame any connection issues on Comcast!! Can't stream in HD but it's all worth it.
  12. Louis Theroux has made two documentaries with them. I've seen them both. I've become a huge fan of Louis.

    Lauren Drain has been very apologetic since she was cast out. She openly apologizes for the way her family behaves. She seems to have dramatically changed since leaving that horrible environment. Her father, Westboro's media/ A/V guy, is a real lunatic.
  13. Michael Moore used to have a TV show called The Awful Truth, and he paid a visit to Westboro:

    It was a goofy comedic stunt, but it was still amusing to see how much it irritated these Westboro morons.
  14. There's no love in those people. They hate everyone and everything. Those scumbags even disowned their own daughter. Who does that?

    And the worst part is that I don't even think their viewpoints are that out of line with most Christians. They're just more vocal and open about what they believe, which is that anyone who's not a straight, white anglo saxon protestant is going to hell.

    Here's another kid who's full of "god's love."

  15. I know about half a dozen Mormons who are like that. Shocking and very sad but...
  16. Former Mormons apologetic for Mormons behavior? I'm not sure what you mean.
  17. Here's the documentary a few people mentioned earlier.

    I don't know what's craziest, that these people are pro-Nazi and think the Holocaust was a good thing, that they think Obama is literally the anti-Christ, or the way they removed all traces of their daughter's existence when they disowned her. But with parent's like these, maybe that's for the best. Who would want to be associated with these people?

    I've also come to the conclusion that hate speech should not be protected. We need to be more like European countries where this kind of crap gets you arrested. Nothing good comes of it. Looking at this list, the US is pretty much the only country that tolerates this kind of thing. The Westboro asshats would be thrown in prison and/or face huge fines in just about any other country, including the UK. I think the only reason hate speech isn't banned in the US is because we weren't directly affected by the Holocaust like European countries. They know first hand what hate speech leads to, whereas Americans are an ignorant bunch when it comes to history.
  18. It's really disturbing that many of these people are fairly well educated. Nearly a dozen members of the congregation are lawyers from what I've read. The founder, Fred Phelps, is actually a disbarred lawyer. He was disbarred after he turned a trial into a smear campaign against a court reporter in which he accused her of perverse sexual acts and whatnot that carried on for about a week. He's always been a pretty vicious and vindictive bastard. He's been convicted of assault and battery as well, but he managed to get out of serving prison time at the last minute.
  19. Just Mormons who get kicked out on their ass cuz they questioned the ideoligy (what's not to question??) to the point that their actually disowned by their families. At least that's the story I get. Gotta love the internet, you never hear the whole story.
  20. @aks

    I've never thought of lawyers as a particularly smart bunch. It's the kind of field that liberal arts majors who slacked off in undergrad go into.

    Also, what kind of court of law allowed him to sexually harass some poor woman for a week straight? Seriously, WTF? Any sane judge would have held him in contempt and thrown his ass in jail. The judge was probably more inbred trash from Kansas or whatever flyover Dumbfuckistan state these clowns are from I'm guessing.