Things That Have Made You Angry Today

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  1. wow you'd think if they can dish out a meal for the cherub they could afford a babysitter instead seriously. Some ppl have 'trust issues' though and won't leave their kid with... well pretty much anybody.
  2. Quoted for agreeance.
  3. Then get a family member to watch them. The rest of us shouldn't have to suffer just because they weren't smart enough to use birth control.
  4. But making people suffer is my favourite hobby. Crying babies are my weapon of choice. Followed closely by public displays of affection in public places.
  5. I've heard you've even breast fed in public, just to fuck people off. You sick bastard.
  6. Holy crap. The worst part about this guy is that he will give anti-abortion nuts something to point to, when in reality he was just an incredibly shitty and outright criminal doctor who performed abortions in an illegal fashion (and often committed outright infanticide by killing live babies), killed women through incompetence and neglect, used unlicensed staff, and ran a pill mill selling to junkies. His nightmarish practice is also exactly the kind of thing you get in a country that doesn't have universal healthcare. It sounds like the only reason it wasn't shut down ages ago was because he dealt mostly with poor black women, and so state regulating bodies just didn't care.
  7. Finding out the front left drive shaft on my car needs replacing.
  8. What did you hit?
  9. Nothing just seems to have gone wrong. At 65MPH the car shakes, put it on friends ramp and span the wheels, again shook at 65. Lifted it right up and got under car with wheels going at 65 and the front left was moving all over the place.

    Stopped the right wheel and the car started to shake violently when wheel span at 40 without the right side to counter balance it. Did same test stopping left wheel and the car remained stable.

    Change drive shaft for £150 and see if that helps. If it doesn't then it is worse as it could be the diff and I have no idea what they cost and I will have still spent £150 on shaft. Problem with cars is that parts are expensive when it comes to trial and error fixes.

    At first we thought it was just wheel balancing, if only it was that simple.
  10. Well then what did your wife hit?

    Labor over hear cost about 65 pounds an hour so trial and error parts replacement can still be cost effective but at 150 pounds you might want to get it looked at by a pro before you start replacing parts. I've never done much work on front wheel drive cars but it seems odd that you could have damaged a drive shaft without hitting a curb or something. Did you check the bearings?
  11. Doing car repairs yourself is almost always going to be cheaper, even if there's a lot of trial and error involved. Go to a mechanic with a vague complaint of a rattle, and he'll take you to the cleaners.
  12. My friend who was testing it with me is a wheels/exhausts/service etc guy and said if it was bearings you would know about it before it hits 65. The wheel is stable and smooth until it hits that speed and then it starts to move and the car vibrates like crazy.

    When we span it up on the ramp the movement seemed to be in the shaft and as I say if you lock the right wheel/shaft in place it gets worse as it seems to be counter balancing it. Once the shaft gets to a certain speed it seems to go a bit crazy.

    I am just going to have to pay for the shaft as at the moment it seems the most likely culprit.

    Being a Japanese car it never goes wrong and this is the first money I have had to spend in it for over 2 years. Only problem is it does make parts more expensive, last thing was windscreen washer pump and that was over £100 and I had to take the whole front wheelarch off to get to it.