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  1. How so? I have two gay uncles and some of my best friends are gay. One of my uncles has a civil union with his partner and I'm fine with that. I'm actually glad he finally came out as he was in an unhappy marriage for many years, and was sneaking out to cheat on his wife with men. He seems much happier now. The other uncle passed away from HIV back in the early 90s and a civil union, or better yet a proper marriage, would have been helpful, as his partner had a lot of issues seeing him in the hospital and he wouldn't have gotten the house if my family hadn't given it to him. I think gay people should have equal marriage rights. When I make gay jokes, it's all in jest. I have nothing against gay people. I really loved my uncle who passed away. He was a great artist and an amazing chef, and we had a lot of similar interests and talents. It actually really hurts me a lot when people make serious homophobic remarks. Jokes that are done in good humor are fine, but if you actually really hate gay people and think they shouldn't have any rights, that really pisses me off.
  2. I know you're all for with equal rights for gays. But you seem like the kind of person who would create a profile and post controversial posts to evoke strong responses. You said yourself you like to get a rise out of people. Also the username is catalyst, as in instigator of subjects bound to provoke. In that way it reminds me of you.
  3. Catalyst was actually around on the old forums. He isn't new. He seems to show up whenever atheism and/or homosexuality become topics of discussion. An no, I'm not him. My trolling is more obvious.

    And contrary to what that asshat says, I don't think gay people are weak individuals. I think they're incredibly strong to come out and be who they are in a society where many people hate them and consider them second class citizens.
  4. That's it monkey, the closet door is almost fully open, just a little further and you can escape! Nah just kidding. You're right about your trolling being more obvious though.
  5. I think Catalyst for him actually refers to the drivers for AMD/ATI video cards. I remember him having an ATI avatar on the old forums.
  6. He came for the video card discussion and stayed to spread religious hate.
  7. lol Arma proceeds to put words in my mouth when I'm not here :0 your awesome dude, keep it up!

    But seriously, and this is partially my bad for sometimes mixing 'gay' with 'homosexual'. God (The Bible) does not speak against 'gays' at all, to my knowledge. The Bible DOES not condone homosexuality. Now beyond the fact that I DO what the Bible says, 99% of the time. And I AM saying the extremists are right in saying one in the faith SHOULD do what their Bible says 100% of the time! But IMO they have no clue what that 1% is so they can't even fathom a proper response.

    But see, here is where they (and what you assume of me) and my actual theory on religion differ. They are on the assumption that 100% of their Bible is translated thus 100% of their faith is predisposed. This is fine. I don't argue this, I choose to leave it alone :/. (I would argue that FAITH by definition is to NOT be in predisposition... but yeah...)

    In MY religious theory (and well... a whole lot of others you DON'T see killing 'infedels' on TV) The Bible's translation is rather 'fluid' not only that, but sometimes the traditional view of how something translates is kind of... outdated.

    Any time you try to box all Christians up in one statement all I can do is laugh! Christianity, actually every religion is full of both types. The loud-mouthed extremists that think they have everything figured out and the quiet masses that just go along with their day.

    Back ON TOPIC! If you can show me proof of a gay gene I'll rethink my statement. I like how you assume I hate on homosexuality just because the Bible tells me so. Perhaps, but if the Bible were ever wrong maybe I would rethink? I don't just think it cuz the Bible tells me to, I think it cuz it hasn't been proven wrong.
  8. No I'm not a fake account. I'm an actual person LOL! I'm too busy to post on here regularly as I'm always working sometimes nights, sometimes days. To go back to the point. I'm just going by my experience with them at work. One of them I actually gave a ride home because he didn't have one. Later on he tried to get me fired. Maybe I've just had bad experiences with them I dunno.
  9. Pretty sure god said no butzex.
  10. Do you mean being Gay hasn't been proven wrong? If so you've defeated yourself. If you mean the Bible hasn't been proven wrong then you're shifting the burden of proof, a favourite tactic amongst religious types. The burden of proof rests squarely on the claimant, in this case, the bible. If your bible is making wild accusations such as homosexaulity is wrong and anyone who practices it deserves to burn in hell for all eternity, and this accusation leads people to irrationally hate gay people (which it does) then it's down to the bible (or the people preaching from it) to prove that what it says is true and correct. It's not down to everyone else to try and disprove the bible's claims.
  11. Isn't the whole point of the Bible to believe something that isn't based on proof? So why do gays need proof of anything to show to Christians? It's a moot point anyway. The U.S. is not a theocratic society. Christian views on homosexuality should not be a determining factor in pubic policy.
  12. Did you maybe say something offending to him?
  13. No I didn't say anything offending to him. I am very religious but I keep my beliefs to myself and don't judge because I know I am a sinner too. He kept talking to this girl at work and he just decided to stab me in the back. I was still learning the job so of course I made mistakes. He just decided to use that as a way to get me fired. I really don't know why. I had another boss who was Butch lesbian and from the moment she talked to me she had a problem with me. I said nothing to her. Makes me think they are just sexually confused or something. That is why I am very wary of them I have nothing against them but I keep my distance.
  14. I lol at how one or two have been arseholes to you and you decide the whole bunch is bad.
  15. Isn't that the very definition of prejudice?
  16. Speak for yourself. You're all a bunch of turd eating deviants to me...
  17. Eating turds is the only way some people know how to express their love.
  18. Then there is a lot of love in this forum. Love between men. Turd eating men.
  19. I am not following, I think your blowing things out of proportion. We're not talking about the boyscouts here, that's another thread. or even chik-fil-et. All I'm talking about is my own beliefs. And if Christianity has nothing to do with it than that sort of negates the entire purpose.

    For the record though, big business (or organizations) that support or don't support viewpoints and such like homosexuality are, IMO, overstretching their bounds. Business and 'pleasure' (or rather recreational affairs) should remain separate. I think it all started with the mob anyway, and now everybody just wants to be like them and buy a whore house with a cover business as a laundrymat.

    On the other hand individuals like myself or even Barack Obama sure as hell have every right to let their viewpoints be based on their religion. Why wouldn't they? Especially in America or any Democratic society?