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  1. Let’s say today is Monday and someone tells you they will be available next Friday. Should that mean the Friday 4 days from Monday or the Friday 11 days from Monday?
  2. In my opinion, the correct Friday would be the one 11 days from now.

    But I know this statement is interpreted differently by people, and some people will say next Friday to mean the upcoming Friday. The only way to know for sure is to ask the person in question for a specific date.
  3. And I hate having to ask that question. I would like "next" to mean the up coming Friday because that is the next Friday. But I know about 50% of all people assume "next" means the following Friday. In fact sometimes when I say, "the following Friday", people assume it's like 3 Fridays away. So annoying.
  4. This Friday is the one coming up, next Friday is the one in the week after this one
  5. I hate you. Why wouldn't you just say Friday or this Friday when referring to 4 days from now. Why even include the word next...
  6. Because just saying Friday could mean any Friday. Example

    Person A: Lets do lunch on Friday.
    Person B: Lets see. I can do lunch on Friday the 8th or 15th.
    Person A: No I meant next Friday.
    Person B: You mean this coming Friday?
    Person A: No the Friday following this Friday.
  7. Person B is a colossal idiot.

    There is a difference between "Lets do lunch on Friday." and "Lets do lunch on a Friday."

    I would never eat lunch with this Person B.
  8. What if person B is buying?
  9. Re: Re: This Day Next Day

    But saying next Friday would make the other person think you meant Friday in a fortnight's time
  10. Ask them to clarify on the spot and tell the asshole to be more specific next time. Ask them is it so hard to say next week Friday instead of next Friday?
  11. this Friday = upcoming Friday, fewer than 7 days away
    next Friday = in 7 days, if current day is Friday
    Friday, next week = the following week's Friday

    If the current day is not Friday, then "next Friday" is ambiguous.
  12. If they say next Friday I would think they mean the Friday of the following week but I always clarify by asking them "Friday this week or next week?".