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  1. You go on believing whatever you like in your own little world but the fact is that everyone does it, I have shown you examples from M$, Apple and Ubuntu.

    There really is no point discussing anything Apple with you, we may as well all agree that Apple is perfect. They have never done anything wrong, had a single fault with any product and every product they produce is the pinnacle of excellency because that is the way you seem to see the world. If it was categorically proven that iPhones gave under 5s cancer you would still try to find a way of defending them, I really don't understand the way your head works and I can't be bothered with it anymore.
  2. Mac OS Mountain Lion is only a dot release upgrade from the previous Lion and only adds a few features. Yet still has a "named" release.

    I don't see how this is different from Android ICS (4.0.3/4.0.4) and Jellybean (4.1)
  3. This has nothing to do with me believing that Apple is "perfect". It has to do with the 2001 release of OS X obviously not being the tenth version of OS X. That's literally what it would have to be in order for your argument to make sense.
  4. Look at Grim's graphic for the "About This Mac" dialog box. You guys are trying to argue that the "10" represents the version number for OS X. However, in order for that to be true, OS X should have had 9 previous versions labelled in the same way. That isn't the case. The old Mac OS had 1-9 versions labelled that way, but not OS X. OS X started at "10", which means the "10" isn't a version number. "10" represents OS X itself, not a version of OS X.
  5. It's still mac OS x. Just because they've dropped the mac from the beginning doesn't mean it's special.

    So are you saying mac OS is now called OS X?
  6. Never said it was, it is the original version of OS 10, they used the numeral X instead of the number ten. All subsequent releases are the same OS with updates, bug fixes and tweaks. 10.0 didn't have DVD playback which wad added in 10.1 for example.

    When 10.5 was released apple themselves called it the largest update of OS X as it added 300 new features.

    10.6 didn't offer any big changes for the user it was under the hood stuff to improve performance.

    10.8 is just adding some stuff found in iOS such as game center.

    They are all updates to the same OS, Apple haven't released a new OS since 10 (X) and all the .x versions are just revisions.
  7. Yes, you did. You objected to the idea that the .x was the version number for OS X, not the "10". When I said that 10.7 is the same thing as OS X 7.0, you didn't agree.

    As I already pointed out, OS X was a totally different OS from the old Mac operating system. Mac OS programs had to be run through virtualization within OS X. And obviously the "X" is not just a "10", but also represents the "X" from NeXT Step and UNIX.
  8. Yes. The old operating system was Mac OS System 7 or Mac OS System 9 etc. The applications from Mac OS couldn't be run within OS X natively. OS X was really the newest version of the NeXT OS which was based on UNIX, not a new version of Mac OS.
  9. You keep telling yourself that, obviously it is just a coincidence that cheetah OS (x) 10.0 replaced 9.2

    You can try all you like but the fact is the X is 10, hell I have even seen polls on forums asking if people say OS X or OS 10.

    The OS is version 10 and 10.1 through 10.8 are just revisions with varying amounts of updates.
  10. I've come to the conclusion that alterego has Stockholm Syndrome with regard to Apple. Years of enduring their buttrape has made him fall in love.
  11. That's marketing. OS X was a continuation of NeXTStep, not a continuation of Mac OS. That's the reason Mac OS applications had to run in virtualization within OS X.

    So, again, trying to argue that the "10" is a version number is incorrect.
  12. Just how mental are you really, it says 'version 10.x' in the bloody OS, it is version 10! It doesnt even mention the code name, just the version 10.It started at version 10.0, you can't get any more version 10 than that.

    Just because it uses different code to older versions doesn't change the fact that it is the tenth Mac OS. It was lucky for jobs that this could be represented as X to make it look cool.
  13. Dude, just give it up. You can't argue anything Apple with him. It's like talking to someone from a cult or a rape victim who has fallen in love with their captor. Everything Apple does is perfect. They can never do anything wrong, ever.

    It would take years of intense therapy to get alterego to show on the doll where Steve Jobs hurt him.
  14. Version 10 of what? Mac OS? Mac OS ended with version 9. And OS X Version 1.x -9.x never existed.
  15. I can always tell when I've made an effective argument by how quickly you resort to rape references. "Quick, switch to troll mode! Maybe people won't think I was being serious!"
  16. Wrong again, everything up to 10.8 was called Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.0 for example. The Mac part of the name has only now been dropped with 10.8 being the first to be known only under the OS X name.

    Not on my PC so can't paste an image but look at the Mac OS X beta wiki page, preceded by Mac OS 9!!
  17. People go on and on about Ivy Bridge and yet it's just a nothing upgrade to Sandy Bridge. They'd say the same thing about Kepler, Trinity, Jelly Bean or Snow :Leopard the hype machine never stops.

    Look I have faith and if you tell me that's what it is than that's what it is. But I still think your a narcisistic arsehole in the church of Steve.
  18. If you want to get retentive about the naming, the old OS was more commonly referred to as "System 7" or "System 9" because the official name wasn't Mac OS 7 or Mac OS 9, but rather Mac OS System 7 and Mac OS System 9. There is no Mac OS System 10 or Mac OS System X or System X. Apple kept "Mac OS" in the name for marketing purposes, because their customers were familiar with it. They also kept the numerical sequence because their customers were familiar with it. But the 2001 release of OS X was not the tenth release of the old Mac OS. It was the first release of Apple's new desktop OS based on NeXTStep.
  19. So Mac OS 1-9 were called 7 or 9?
  20. Mac OS 1-9 were spelled "luxury yacht", but were pronounced "throatwobbler mangrove".