ThunderCats Reboot

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    Interesting. I absolutely loved this back when I was a kid. The opening theme is still one of my favourites.

    Info and screens in link below:
  2. I hold out absolutely no hope for this, it will be crap just like every other cartoon reboot.
  3. The young uns today just won't get it. Best villain name ever though, Mum-Raa.
  4. lol I bet you folks had a ton more fun than us Americans lol.
  5. I always thought it was a bit racist. The cats got to live the high life while the other animals served them. I can see why they rebelled.
  6. Maybe so, but the guy who is leading this project is a very big fan of the original ThunderCats so it should be good.
  7. They said the same about the people doing Doctor Who, now they botch about how they're ruining it.
  8. Yeah but a cartoon is easier to do than a tv live action series.
  9. Lion-O looks like a man-child.
  10. I used to watch the old Thunder Cats a lot. My younger brother was very into it at the time.
  11. It is more of a anime look then his old self. If they can reboot this, I hope someone can reboot Duck tales!!
  12. Duck Tales! I used to love watching that during summer holidays when I was like 7 years old.

    Anywho here's this:

    Jaga FTW!

    Also I've just seen this:

    I want this to happen.
  13. Just seen the first three episodes and I have got it say it was very enjoyable. The anime type animation does these characters wonders.
  14. So does anyone else think the sword of omens is a bit phallic? The sword gets an erection for Christ sake.
  15. hopefully it's not a bad omen :|
  16. I do now, damn you!
  17. Now think about that whip with balls. Balls!
  18. That whip would fuck you up! I wouldn't want to feel the lash of those balls that's for sure!
  19. What are everyone else's thoughts on this series so far then? The first two episodes were awesome but the third just seemed a little fillery to me, but it was okay.
  20. I don't know what channel and time it's on.