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  1. How much do you guys tip for service? In some situations, like carryout and curbside pickup, I'm not really sure how much I should leave, if anything, so I usually just don't tip. For restaurants, I usually tip 15-20%. The pizza dude I usually give $2-3 (used to give more but they started adding delivery charges to the bill). I've heard that in many other countries, tipping isn't customary or expected. In the US, servers make less than minimum wage without tips, so it's considered a huge insult not to tip. If I ever plan to return to a restaurant I don't want body fluids in my food, so I'll usually leave something even if the service was bad.
  2. I don't tip at all for carryout. I don't think it's expected as it's pretty much direct from kitchen to you. No service from the servers.

    For the hair stylists, I normally give 20-25%

    I normally do carryout for my pizza so I don't really have tipping experience there.
  3. 10% minimum in restaurants. Never give anything for deliveries. Only other thing is I some times tip cab drivers. The whole tipping culture in the US confused and annoyed me.
  4. We don't have that issue of people having to use tips to make up the staff's pay to minimum wage, makes me sick thinking about it. The companies over there must be so very tight with their money if they're willing to not pay their staff enough and instead dole the responsibility onto the paying customer. You got a fucked up situation right there. I'll only tip if I felt I've received service beyond the norm since I know they're already being paid and I'm not paying someone twice for one job. Excellent service warrants a tip from me, the way it should be, it's a reward for a job well done, instead of paying the person who brought you your food that you also paid for.
  5. It's pretty much a norm to tip 10% in a restaurant here. I only tip more if the service was good.
  6. Me too.

    Restaurants 15% | sometimes more sometimes less
    Hairstylist 25% | They have to buy their own tools and products
    Take-out $1 | since tips also go to the chefs sometimes
    Taxi | I don't know, I hate taxis
    Delivery $2 - $3 | It's rare that I get delivery
  7. Tipping exists so that Americans can feel rich and important and look down at the servants. When you've mastered the art of tipping, you'll be able to throw bills at the feet of those beggars and watch them pick it up, while giving them an unmistakable look of superiority.
  8. It's a back and forth situation with this. If you work at a good restaurant as a server, you will bank like crazy. I had some friends work at some decent restaurants and on weekends, they would be balling. You don't even get taxed for that money I don't think. I guess it depends. But one of my friends worked at a chinese restaurant and good god, he had cash all over his house. He was in his early 20's and owned 2 cars.

    If you know how to work in the hospitality industry in the US, you will bank like.. say a hot stripper. You have to be good at it though (know how to speak) and be very very patient.
  9. You gota claim it but there is no record of what a person makes in tips so I doubt anyone is very accurate. For the most part it's tax free so $10,000 in tips is like $14,000 in a regular salary.
  10. I LOL'ed hard at this. It's even funnier when you consider that our country is about a week away from defaulting on its debts and literally becoming a third world country.
  11. As Economy Sinks, Sex Toy Sales Go Through the Roof

  12. @Armadeadn

    I could understand not tipping in Europe. Your servers probably make the equivalent of $15-20/hr and have healthcare, so it's not really the same. A server in the US typically makes something like $3-4/hr without tips and has no benefits. They'd starve without them.

    Reservoir Dogs did a pretty good job of laying out why you should tip:

  13. What about tipping food workers? For example the guy behind the counter making sandwiches or smoothies. I don’t usually tip those people.
  14. Those people have a higher wage than servers, at least minimum wage, so it's not really necessary.
  15. Not tipping because i'm a fearless bastard!
  16. @ Monkey

    I agree 100% with Steve Buscemi in that scene. Tips should be earned, not expected.
  17. don't get much delivery but maybe pizza delivery, cut my own hair... when I go to a resturaunt I typically tip based on how much I spend. If I gotta spend 8 bucks on a drink I tip less (10-15%), if it's cheaper I tip more xD (15-20%). Seems kinda' backwards... but my wallet disagrees.

    I was told waitresses and the help gets paid minimum wage alright... just they got 'dues' to pay to their pimps and stuff. They end up slightly underpaid. 10% is the minimum, 15 is common and 20 is just "I'm richer than you and rubbin it in" shit xD I tip 20% at Dennys lol.

    I bet they all drive home in mercedes though...
  18. Usually I tip 10% in a restaurant IF the service and more importantly food is good enough but I will never tip if they automatically include service on the bill.

    With delivery I will usually let them make it up to the nearest £ but if my bill was £13.50 for example I would just give him the £15.
  19. Come to think of it I do tip the guy who delivers the chinese. They're always speedy, usually less than 30 mins of ordering, that warrants a tip, usually the change. Between 1 and 4 pounds.
  20. You probably tip because you don't want any poo in your poo poo platter.