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  1. PVC Untappd - The official alcoholic beverages thread. Post whatever you're drinking here!

    Personally I've really gotten into the craft beer scene in the last year or so. Don't really drink the mainstream stuff anymore. It's better on the waistline but harder on the wallet. On hand tonight:

    Dogfish Head - 75 minute IPA:
    -Blend of DH 60 minute & 90 minute, plus maple syrup

    Stone Brewary - Lucky Basartd:
    -A dry-hopped blend of Arrogant Bastard Ale, Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale and Double Bastard Ale.

  2. Moonshine! Well not really but it's an effect marketing scheme. I bought it the other night. The taste isn't too bad and at 70 proof it goes down easy.


    And my current whiskey, Breckenridge Bourbon

  3. One of the largest (and best) of the truly independent breweries in the United States...and one of the best Pale Ales.


    This label brought to you in Beer-Goggle-Vision.
  4. I'm a big fan of Belgian beers like Pauwel Kwak, Chimay, and Duvel, especially on draft.
  5. So are all of the UK/Euro members teetotalers or what?
  6. I very rarely drink these days which means I have lost the taste for a lot of it. However my sweet tooth means I still don't kind cinder.

    Tops I probably drink twice per year.
  7. I went a bit mad on whiskey a while back; since having a kid I just don't get the time to drink anymore. I was really enjoying Suntory single malt last time - it's called Hibiki and I'd really recommend it.
  8. I mostly drink the Whiskey, assuming Whisky means a scotch and Whiskey means a corn sweet US brand. Jim Beam is the favourite, there are few different versions, a standard one, the Devil's Cut (a little bit stronger) and the honey infused which is more like a liqueur.

    It doesn't mean Whiskies are bad, Johnie Walker is fine as well as Ballantines.

    Also, Polish beers are quite good but nothing stands against Czech beers, including the original Pilsner, Budweiser, Krusovice, Staropramen and few others. If someone recognizes German beers as fine (Octoberfest) then believe me, Germans are only bachelors and Czechs are true and only masters.
  9. Any beer or vodka and red bull if i'm out in the pubs.
  10. I like Jim Beam. Rye is my favorite. I can't stand the Red Stag.
  11. Never heard of Rye, I guess I've never seen it. Googling reveals that it exists, chances are some stores have it and I'll definitely try.
  12. I love the taste of whiskey, but it never fails to give me a headache. If I'm going the hard liquor route, I usually stick to the clear, gin, silver tequila.
  13. After years of hype, I finally got a crack at Pappy Van Winkle this past weekend. This stuff is impossible to find in Manhattan without connections and I would never pay secondary market prices. We found it stocked all nonchalant in a Brooklyn cocktail bar, while waiting on the steakhouse reservations. I tried the cheaper 13 year rye, which might be one of the best I've had as a drink. Overall thought, the SD'er in me has to give it a vote down on cost valuation.

  14. All you people and your fancy craft beers. I just drink (rather unsurprisingly I'm sure) Foster's mostly. But then again I drink beer to get drunk rather than to enjoy the taste. Maybe one day I'll begin to appreciate a good beer but for now, I'll stick to Foster's.

    I do sometimes drink other alcohol though. I do love me some Bailey's from time to time, and when I was younger I used to drink vodka to the point where looking back anyone could say I had a problem. But I was young so whatever, I don't do that any more.
  15. I hope for your sake that Fosters is really cheap and/or free. It's literally one of the worst beers in the world. No exaggeration. The Outback by my college used to serve 22oz for $2.22 on special, so it was fairly popular. But seriously, one of the worst beers in the world. Fermented kangaroo piss.
  16. Can't stand beer or lager at all, tried to in my younger days to look cool but had to eat something after every sip to lose the taste.
  17. Jesus. Fosters is so bad. I think only Carling beats it for pure shitness. The last lager I remember enjoying was one of the Spanish ones. Normally it's pretty wretched stuff.

    It cannot be said enough how bad Fosters is. You could drink the 2nd shittiest beer all day, then piss into a cup, and that piss will taste better than Fosters.
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    He's British so of course he thinks the Australian equivalent of Natty Ice is good beer.


    Isn't that stuff $900 a bottle? Holy crap.

    I like bourbon. Blantons is pretty good stuff.

  20. I went with middle-range 13 year Rye for $25/oz so about $625 for the bottle. Definitely a once and done experience...

    Will have to put Blanton's on the to-do list along with the @monsly's Hibiki & @bfun's Breckenridge. I drink at one off events nowadays so it'll probably be a while to just try 3 new things lol.