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  1. Most of the time I've been attacked by rogue agents in the DZ has been when I was outnumbered near an extraction. It's almost always groups of 3 or 4 that attack me. It has been extremely rare to encounter just 1 other person and get attacked. On the other hand, there have been many packs of rogues lurking around extraction points, especially since the most recent update reducing the penalty for dying while rogue.
  2. What sets this apart from a typical FPS? Haven't paid much attention to it and someone told me it was worth getting.
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    It's not an FPS. It's a mix of third person cover based shooting, RPG stuff, and squad tactics.

    The gameplay is extremely similar to the Mass Effect series. Basically take the multiplayer from Mass Effect 3 and put it in a present day open world MMO setting and you get this game.

    If you liked the core gameplay from Mass Effect, you might enjoy The Division. I've gotten pretty hooked on it. I'd say it's a solid 8/10.
  4. well first off the bat, it's not first person rather, it's a third person cover shooter.

    it's an rpg shooter like borderlands. there is a character creation system and you level up and select talents and skills for your character. there is a also a weapon and armor crafting system.
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    The coop stuff and looting is like Borderlands. The core gameplay of cover based shooting and rpg stuff looks and plays almost exactly like the Mass Effect games. It's a mix of Destiny, Borderlands, Mass Effect, and Tom Clancy stuff. People seem to either love or hate the game, with nothing in between. Try before you buy or get it somewhere like Steam where you can get a refund if you don't end up liking it.
  6. Finally did my first challenge mode with my 2 friends (yes we 3 manned it) in Lincoln Tunnel. It's the easiest one but we made it that much harder by doing it with only 3 people. Died like 5000 times.

    Ubi also announced the new dlc content update (free) date for Incursions as April 12.

    More details:
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    I haven't played it for about a week or so. it's a good game, but at this stage I already feel like I've seen/done everything.

    "Go here, take cover, use special, shoot bad guy."

    That's the entirety of the combat. I'm selling it a bit short of course, the combat is fun. Not Destiny fun, but still good enough. But once you finish the missions and hit the end game it literally just becomes. "Go into the dark zone and kill the same 4 NPCs over and over again hoping they drop yellow item." They need to add a shit tonne of stuff to do if this game wants to have any legs going forward. I agree that their DLC will be the important factor, which is is fucking ridiculous. Selling a game that's decent but clearly bare bones on the promise that eventually it will be awesome. Not a great business model for consumers IMO.

    Maybe I'm just jaded because Destiny burned me so hard for so long. It's a Decent game, but less than a month in and I feel like I'm done until they release more DLC, that doesn't bode well.

    Edit: I just read the patch notes in Khaid's link. I might be done with this game already. Oh dear. What the fuck are they thinking? You've got great games like Borderlands to emulate and instead you take the worst bit of Destiny and add those instead? The fuck?
  8. I don't think the "nerf" to crafting is such a bad idea. It increases the value of dropped items and pre-made items sold by vendors. It was too easy to get a perfectly rolled weapon or piece of gear, such as the level 31 High End Vector you see practically everyone using. I'd also point out that there are going to be items dropped in the DZ and multiple ways to acquire unique gear they haven't fully disclosed yet.

    Also, adjustments to the currencies make every currency useful. Currently, I have no real purpose for anything but Phoenix credits. It's also an excellent idea to adjust when various tiers of gear in the Dark Zone are available. Making everything of note unlock at 50 was dumb.

    Overall, I think most of the changes they are making are pretty sensible, opposite of many of Bungie's changes to Destiny, such as bringing Thorn back to the top of the meta or introducing additional complications out of nowhere, such as nerfs to fusion rifles or legendary hand cannons. I recently acquired the previously most overpowered weapon in The Division, the Midas SMG, and it's still a decent weapon but not out of control. Compare that to the extreme nerfs and buffs you see from Bungie that have broken Destiny PvP for months on end.
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    Ehhh, I don't think Borderlands is a good example for this since that game was purely just set in a loot only perspective. Your endgame was literally just for loot grinding. The Division endgame is for phoenix credits and crafting material grinding. No one really does it for loot as the drop rate for high end armor/weapons is tiny and to have the proper attributes for your character build would be rng upon rng. Your loot would be just to deconstruct for materials.

    So this is my opinion on this coming from years of mmorpg experience prior to the division. Bringing this type of change into a game that has been out for a month and introducing it into a new content update patch is one of the most hostile things you can do for your newer players and players about to hit max level or just hit max level. All of the players that have been at max level for awhile can just shrug it off since it won't heavily effect them, but the newer guys are going to be at a HUGE disadvantage. Think of your grind for your high end crafting, and then now multiply that time spent by up to 300-400%.

    What I think Massive should have done would be to do what other games do when they introduce new content. Introduce a NEW crafting material and make that required for new gear they introduce to the new update. Meanwhile leaving the old content untouched. Make the new crafting material hard to acquire so the newer max players are not so far behind.

    In other issues though, Massive has not addressed some obvious quality of life issues. Your backpack inventory space is much larger than your stash/bank space. This makes absolutely no sense. This wouldn't be an issue if they made weapon paints not take any inventory space.. but yet it does. They need to take care of one thing or the other.
  10. I'm level 22 atm. I guess I need to grind up to 30 and get some high level gear before this patch?
  11. depends, you might be screwed either way. what have you been doing with the gear you got but don't use? if you have been deconstructing it, then you're good. if you have been selling it to the vendor for credits, you're kinda screwed. you need a decent bit of materials to craft the high end gear.
  12. I deconstruct everything. I either craft or pick up all of my gear. I've done almost nothing with vendors.
  13. Good! So yea, I think you'll be good by just running all of the main missions first (and unlocking the safe houses in the new zones) and if you're not 30 yet, you can go back and do the side missions till you hit 30.

    After that, the road to high end gear will be for you to keep hitting the last mission (General Assembly) over and over on Hard difficulty until you get a full set of purple gear. Once you do, you can start the challenge modes.

    Between that though, you'll be doing the dailies for your phoenix credit bonuses. Every day, you can see some of the main mission markers be marked as a daily. They'll be the ones worth doing as they give you bonus credits/materials/gear.
  14. Ah! Looks like Massive have addressed our concerns. You'll still hit that rough barrier to get geared up for challenge modes but at least you know the end game will be more rewarding than it was earlier.

    To sum up the list of changes brought with update 1.1 in regards to item drops and crafting, we will:

    • Increase drop rates of High-End items on named NPCs (100% drop rate, actually)
    • Increase drop rates of Division Tech, to make it less of a bottleneck than it currently is
    • Modify loot tables for each named NPC, to make the hunt for loot more controlled
    • Increase conversion costs of lower quality materials to high quality ones, making it harder to convert low quality materials into high quality ones
    • Decrease construction yields, making it less interesting to farm lower quality items in order to obtain crafting materials, and because you’ll get more High-End items as a whole
    • Increase cost of crafting High-End items, because High-End materials will be much easier to come by
  15. They are adjusting Dark Zone brackets to be more accommodating to lower level players. You won't have to grind to all the way to 50 to get anything worth buying now. And drops should be way better. If anything, it will be more punishing for people with high level gear. I'll be matched in the DZ to only people with level 31 gear or higher, and a lot of those types like to run around in packs of 4 with min/maxed PvP loadouts and kill anyone they outnumber and can overpower, including if I'm not even carrying anything to steal. I prefer to sneak around the DZ with maybe one or two other people and sometimes even solo, but it's going to be very rough doing that in the top bracket now.

    That's one of the things I like the least about the changes, but overall the adjustments are better for most players. A group of players who just hit 30 trying to do a little PvP aren't going to enjoy getting wiped out with one of my sticky bombs, which is around the cap of 250K damage and has the radius of a small nuke. It makes more sense to match people with similar level gear.
  16. I'm working some 3rd shift hours currently so I can't really play with my friends during this DLC launch, but i've just been running some quick solo games recently. With the daily and weekly assignments they added, it makes it a bit more rewarding to jump in and out if you don't have time. I can finish a hard mode on solo in less than 30 minutes. in that time, i've completed 2 daily assignments and got some phoenix credits and a high end piece that dropped off the named boss.

    My build is slightly similar to AKS's where it's concentrated toward skillpower, but it's more for crowd control since I do alot of pve missions with my friends.
  17. I'm working on getting the second piece of the Tactician's set crafted. The top talent of the set for having 4 pieces appears to be very easy to activate and keep active. I think this would let me raise Firearms and Stamina stats while still having very high Skill power most of the time.
  18. I'm still playing this game since my friends are too. I already have my 4pc tactitian set going and we have falcon lost hard mode on farm now. I personally think that's impressive for us considering we're all casual players and only run a 3 man group.

    the next free dlc launch named Conflict is coming out on Tuesday the 24th. I have a feeling this new incursion will be kinda rough since it'll be in an open area (no camping in a pit) and the rikers are pretty chaotic in their behavior.