Transformers: Dark of the Moon

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  1. Saw it and it was good. It was pretty much everything I wanted the first one to be. Definitely the best of the 3.

    2 thumbs up.
  2. I heard the second was horrible so avoided watching it. Is there anything I will miss if I see this without seeing the second?
  3. The second was not good but not horrible. You can skip it and not miss anything. Megan Fox disappears for the 3rd but it not because of the second movie.

    Rosie Huntington is the new girl.

  4. Because she wanted more money than she should have gotten. Her replacement is far better in any case.
  5. Megan Fox made a comment in which she compared Michael Bay to Hitler. That's why she got canned.
  6. I dunno man. Megan fox's face is 50000x that girl's face that.
  7. I don't think there is a clear winner here.


  8. Neither one is that attractive. And the new girl looks like a tranny.
  9. Hmm, thought it was about the money. Hating lol.

    Not in those pictures anyway.
  10. All the way through the third film I kept thinking Rosie was really hot but also kind of strange looking. At times she looked like someone was giving her the old coochie coo, except they weren't. Hot, but odd looking.
  11. [​IMG]

    Lol just seen this!
  12. what the heck is that, oil??
  13. that's good photshop skills is what it is.
  14. Michael Bay is known for doing this in quite a few of his movies.
  15. Here's that recycled clip, plus one more.

    I don't care if he recycled scenes I've not seen the island and Transformers looked awesome in 3D.
  16. You should catch The Island. That was a fun sci-fi movie.. plus it has scarlett johansson.

    Did you catch the hidden Spock joke in the movie? It took 3 of us to put it together.
  18. It's a quality film. Plus Sean Bean is in it!
  19. The Island is the only Michael Bay movie I actually like.
  20. I might have missed it, you'll have to PM me and explain. Also I just found out Leonard Nemoy played Sentinel Prime. Never knew that.