Twitter - BUH?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by monsly, May 23, 2011.

  1. Right, neandathal monsly time. There's someone I want to contact on twitter. I have an account so just how do I contact them? I have precisely fuck all experience of it but just want to contact an old friend. Is twittter a good avenue? If so, what do I do? I know some of you bastards tweet so spill the magical beans now.
  2. Use the @ or the #. Or drive to their house and punch them in the face for using Twitter.
  3. So if I put @ and then his user name then he'll get the message? Will only he see it and anyone following me? I hate the world of today, it's far too fucking futuristic and confusing.
  4. I have no idea. I dabbled with Twitter for a few minutes, but it wasn't obvious enough for me so I blacklisted the damn place. There is no reason for a learning curve above 18 seconds in social networking.
  5. You seemed so helpful at first. I know what you mean though, I'm fricking lost. Where is that bastard chi? He seems like a twitter type.
  6. #Monslyislustingoveranoldfriend
  7. @grim: damn your eyes. DAMN THEM.
  8. As far as I can tell from Twitter stalking people:

    @user will message that user but people on your profile will see it too. I have no fucking clue what a #message/link means.
  9. Hashtags are pretty much topics, using them in a tweet clumps them together with other tweets with the same hashtag so you can see all the of the tweets related to that subject.

    I think that is what happens anyway.
  10. When in doubt check Youtube!

    @user will send it to that user but post on your profile.
    DM user will send a private message.
  11. I think I'm beginning to understand. Had a bit of a chat with my mate so that's good. Don't really see the point in it though.
  12. Well how else are you going to let 10 million people know you just had a nice poo?
  13. Even if you really wanted to do that, Facebook makes it a hell of alot easier.
  14. Not really, most people lock down facebook to friends only, you can #IJustHadAReallyNicePoo on twitter and its out there for everyone to see. Hell if you @'input celebrity here' its likely to be seen by a lot of people.
  15. I don't understand what the # thing means. Trending? Buh? I feel somewhat more ape-ish using it.
  16. Just don't bother contacting the dude if all he has is a fucking witter account -Twitter is this centuries cultural beday, nice if you can be bothered to learn how to use it by jebus will you feel awkward and stupid if you get it wrong as you crouch there wishing you'd just wiped your ass like everyone else.@monsly.
  17. The only thing I like about it is the way it is integrating itself into TV, some of the funniest bits on Celebrity Juice have come about from a Fearne Cotton related hashtag.
  18. Twitter is the generic, simplified version of irc. I got an account and don't use it, @pdraggy (or is it knowname.... f* I forget)
  19. #'s denote topics, which people can search for. If a topic is popular and used by lots of people, it's "trending."

    Eg I could create a topic like #monslyheartsbieber and people can use the same hashtag to raise awareness amongst the "trendy" kids.
  20. Twitter is really only popular now if you're following people to read up on their updates. It's boring as hell to use it as a social networking tool with your personal friends.. that's what facebook is for.

    I personally use it only to follow android developers on their project updates.