Twitter - BUH?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by monsly, May 23, 2011.

  1. Twitter worth bothering with in your opinion? Is it worth my oh so precious time?
  2. Is monsly on facebook or any other social networking site?
  3. Yes, yes I am. I've got a proper one and fake one I used for the old PVC group. I find it a bit pointless really. WHY DO YOU ASK?
  4. It's not really that great except for keeping up to date with any blogs or informational sites. I use it to keep tabs on Playstation updates and the occasional news site. Also for keeping tabs on what Notch is doing with Minecraft etc. I hear Stephen Fry's twitter is usually a goldmine for random nonsense but I haven't followed him yet.

    I just check on my ipod every so often for interesting titbits.

    However, if you're the type of person who likes posting random bits and bobs about your life, like my sister is, then by all means, go for it.
  5. Seems like typical blogging to me. Most people don't have enough to say or enough going on in their lives to make it worthwhile.
  6. Yeah, seemed good for people who talk about any old day to day stuff but that always strikes me as pointless. Maybe I'll keep an eye on a few news things and see if it's worthwhile.
  7. It's blogging for the ADD crowd. "I ate a potato" "I played Portal 2" "I stared at a man for two and a half minutes because he had a weird face" etc etc
  9. "I stared at a wall for 12.5 minutes before deciding to tweet about it.Then I did a poo"

    Interesting one there...
  10. You guys actually on the Face of book?
  11. Yes, yes we are. But I hide my identity from you weirdos. Don't think anyone on here gas my real Facebook details.
  12. I cancelled my facebook a couple of years ago. Got tired of the pokes and invites to play farmville from people I barely know anymore. Usually if I hadn't kept up with someone, there was a reason. I'm also not sure how I feel about putting personal details out there for anyone to see, and I don't trust their security. It seems like a big treasure trove for spammers and identity theft.
  13. If you use your proper facebook account regularly, there is no need to get on twitter. Or the other way around, if you don't have a proper facebook account, and you're thinking of using twitter, don't. And use facebook instead.

    You're not a celebrity or company that has interesting news.
  14. I haven't spotted a wigged dog on facebook yet. But I'm watching for you.
  15. Posting on Twitter is weird but reading twitter post is even weirder. I guess following a celeb or company for a day might be interesting.
  16. The only thing twitter is good for is checking what your favourite celebrities has for breakfast. Who gives a fuck?
  17. I made a Twitter account about two months ago to see what it was all about. My account has now been idle for a month and three weeks. Just plain pointless.

    ...and this opinion is coming from a Facebook whore.