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  1. Anyone use it? Never thought I would but now I am. It's not what I thought it would be. Mostly it's just a gigantic world wide chat room. I use it to follow businesses I'm interested in.
  2. yep, that's what I mostly use it for too. just follow public figures that post relevant info. I have about 5-6 friends on there too and we just tweet nonsense to each other. I find it rather pointless to use it as a serious social site with personal friends with the 140 character limit.

    what's funny is that I've had an account for years.. around 2007? and only started using it for real in the last year.
  3. I've been using it for a month or so and I haven't figured out how to organize/filter all the content but I play with it. Most everything on twitter is just stupid ramblings but some of it's good and it seems like the fastest way to share information on the internet right now.
  4. you can find me, @pdraggy but I can't find my account log in so it won't do you no good
  5. Twitter is for fags.
  6. Beat me to it dammit!
  7. I agree with the monkey. What "businesses" do you follow and how does twitter help you? I don't get it.
  8. after I ordered the touchpad from HP's site, I followed one of their reps on Twitter. she was basically keeping everyone informed on what was going on the with the backorders and what to expect. she gave out a lot more clarification than HP's generalized emails.

    game devs also give out more info than what you read from game sites. basically, Twitter is a lot more personal than reading news sites. people talk a lot more freely than making some public announcement where they have to play carefully with their words.
  9. Like when Torii Hunter got stuck in an oxygen chamber and had just his cel phone and a twitter app. fun times lol.
  10. The first time I actually agree with you with fag in the word.
  11. Twitter is just a faster way to get and share information. It's like a forum but faster, more dynamic, and the whole world is a member.
  12. @story.bro
  13. Really? I thought it was just a place where sad people would find out when their favourite celebrity had just eaten a tasty bowl of Shreddies or just taken a massive dump, useful information indeed.