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  1. They sound pretty dumb. The leave campaign came out with lots of demonstrably false points and no clear idea of what would happen next. Stay warned we'd face economic uncertainty; That we'd still have to pay and face rules from the EU if we left and wanted to trade with them. Seems one side was more accurate than the other.

    The US should take this as a warning and anyone thinking of a protest vote should think long and hard. Plenty of leave people saying they regret that now the reality is sinking in.
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    Why are you asked to submit to the EU and send them billions when Britons have no vote or say in the EU government? That sounds like tyranny to me. If they want Britain to stay, it seems like they need to make things more democratic. Also if the EU is so reliant on British money, maybe some of the other countries need to be holding up their end better.
  3. The fact is, it has happened and now we deal with it. Yes the FTSE took a hit early on but It rebounded a bit as the day went on. The country will recover.

    As for Europe, it takes 2 year to leave so we have a while to fix all the trade agreements. I expect we will still allow Europeans to come and work in our country but we won't be sending millions to the EU just for the sake of it anymore.

    The EU started out with a few member states as a way of doing easy trade, it has become an all powerful empire that feels it needs to tell everyone what to do. We have no say in who makes our laws so it isn't really democracy and this was always my problem with the EU. I have no problem with immigration of people who want to come and contribute, I do have a problem with the unelected getting paid to govern.

    Also leave got a lot of grief as it was accused of being racist, everyone jumped on the racist card when in reality a lot of people simply found that things were already bad enough so a change might help them. Outside of the M25 has felt forgotten for years and today showed that. In England and Wales it was a sea of blue yet the rich capital voted to remain, this vote was massively about how people felt there was mass inequality across the country.

    Once again I expect a snowball effect now, if one of the big boys can do it other member states might find they have a lit of disgruntled citizens also wanting their own choice.

    I didnt expect to be leaving Europe but we are, so instead of whining about it we should be working out why it didn't work for so many people and how we can build a relationship that does work.
  4. I think being unhappy about it is perfectly valid. The poor divide is an issue caused by us, not the EU. Some of those regions get huge funding from the EU as it stands. We had elected representation in Europe, the power of veto and had influence on what we accepted or not. The misinformation in the campaign was huge. We're now in a much worse position for what? Pretty much the sum of fuck all.

    Thank you Brexit supporters for allowing racism back on the streets again.

    I think every Brexit supporter should go out on protest to say that they are not racists just as they want Muslims to go out and demonstrate to say that they are all not terrorist.

    You see, it's so easy to brand everyone from a few minority. But seriously, this racism stuff happening on the street is disgusting.

    F*!king older generation screwing up the future generation lives
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  6. Unfortunately, I don't think racism is really limited to a small percentage of society. It's a broader problem than people care to admit. I think I was fairly naive about it prior to Obama being elected in the U.S., but not anymore.
  7. I saw some of the stories of racism in the UK.... it looks to me that some of these dummies thought the vote was about deporting foreigners LOL. That damned @monsly may be proven right.

    I read that only 36% of young people voted. But 80% of the country turned out. Those numbers would indicate there is not enough fucking going on in the UK.
  8. I think the turnout was closer to 70%
  9. Well Theresa May has the job and could be crowned as early as Friday. Maggie mk.II?

    She has also vowed that Brexit means Brexit despite in a remain advocate.

    Could be a woman in charge on either side of the pond very soon.
  10. So what's the deal now? The judge guys with wigs say it's not legal?
  11. I don't believe it was ever legally binding... more of an public opinion poll that they were supposedly going to honor.

    Upon further contact at that place, you are correct. They also turned out a bit racist and xenophobic just like you said. Good detective work. It was a mma forum LOL.
  12. Is this fake news? Marketwatch and others are reporting the UK economy is doing well post Brexit. I bought into the Trump doomsayers and got hosed on my short positions when he won. Interesting the UK is also doing well.

    I'm still a bit skeptical. If theres one thing I've learned about finance, it's that retail investors will never see reality vs market manipulation until it's too late.

    There is still some doom and gloom about Germany displacing London and the financial epicenter of Europe though.
  13. Yes the economy has done well, the issue has been that investors have ended up lowering the value of the pound due to brexit fears so prices have gone up a bit. It is quite funny that they are saying prices have to go up as the pound is weak against the dollar yet I remember not so long ago when prices went up because prices were strong against the dollar. We can't win.

    The government got the OK this week to start the process of triggering the EU divorce, we shall see what happens once things kick off.

    In the past the EU have been keen to tax the big banks in London more and the UK has fought against it, I wouldn't be surprised if we give them the tax breaks after brexit to keep them. Once the UK leaves the EU it is free to make its own tax laws and you can bet that big corporations will be given preferential treatment. Within the EU it can lead to huge fines, look at Apple in Ireland.

    EDIT: News story just on the BBC that unemployment at the lowest rate for 41 years at just 4.7% so employers can't be that nervous.

    We will have to see what happens in Holland today.
  14. Why won’t you motherfuckers leave the EU already? Seems like UK got caught bluffing.
  15. People were misled. The nhs won't get an increase in funds due to Brexit. This was the main talking point by Nigel farage to get people to vote leave. Fools.

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  16. What the mother fuck is going on over there? What does parliament being suspended mean? What is that old bat Queen up to?