UK General Election 2017

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  1. Theresa May has called for a snap general election as she says there is too much uncertainty in parliament. Tomorrow MPs will vote on it but if 2/3 vote yes we will see another election on 8th June.

    Another chance to vote against the Torries, brexit could all be undone.
  2. Let's hope so!

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  3. Current polls suggest that the torries will win more seats and so will be able to push through whatever they like.

    Still I won't be voting for them.
  4. It got through parliament, we are having another general election on June 8th.

    I expect the tories to win more seats, brexit will be as hard as possible and the normal people will continue to be the ones who take the brunt while the rich see no change.
  5. My heart says vote for Labour.. but Corbyn was try and chomp at my tax :p

    So.. probably vote Cons for the frist time.
  6. As a higher rate tax payer I don't mind the fact that I have to pay more for the extra I earn above the basic rate. It's fairer to the people at the bottom and to be fair I can afford to keep myself pretty comfortably with 4 figures of disposable income every month while others are being forced to use food banks.

    For me a vote for conservative is another attack on the poor and so I couldn't do it. I also think Zero Hours contracts should be illegal but the torries stand by those too.

    Unfortunatly my area has a huge conservative majority so my vote won't be much other than a show of displeasure.
  7. What's a zero hours contract? Is that the Brit equivalent of 1099-MISC? American employers love using 1099 to dick over low level employees.
  8. 1099 can be extremely lucrative for skilled employees. You can get companies to pay over 50% premiums to not hire you lol. I dabbled with it and got really good at negotiating. My last year doing it was the most money I've ever made. You're basically a one man business, so there are some very large pitfalls... In my opinion it's ideal for young, healthy, no dependents, joint-income couple where one spouse has a steady W2 job.

    But yeah, if you drive for Uber, it's just a cost savings measure.
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    True. Also I think 1099s can deduct all kinds of things W2s can't.

    A highly skilled worker good at negotiating and smart with their taxes can do well as a 1099. The problem is that so many of them are actually just misclassified low level employees who are mopping the floors, stocking the shelves, or answering phones, not l33t consultants making crazy amounts of money. Companies are using something meant for special situations with skilled consultants as a tax dodge scheme.
  10. Zero hours contracts mean you are contracted to work for a company but they have no obligation to give you any hours. You live day by day waiting for a call to see if you even have work and as such you can end up with no money.
  11. If you run it through a business you can take a ton of deductions. But IRS deems it personal services corp taxed at the max rate. But creative tax deductible frills get the 'net' amount down substantially.

    Isn't this how MD's operate? Leasing cars, boats, and toys to the PSC while paying themselves $50k.

    Against IRS rules already. Not sure why it isn't enforced better or at all.
  12. Well since Corbyn has vowed tear up brexit plans tempted by him now. Just worried at this if you make more than £70,000 you are rich comment :( Hopefully they wont tax more and more..
  13. Rejoice! 1099's are gonna be taxed at 15% now. Time to get back into consulting.

    Lol @ how poor people #MAGA for the not poor.
  14. So.... this weird plot for a random election seems to have backfired on your Prime Minister. Good? Bad? SAD!? Wonder if the back to back terrorist attacks caused an issue for incumbent?
  15. Backfired on old owlface indeed, just a shame she is going to attempt form a government, the rich will continue to get richer....
  16. Really thought Labour would win. Back to running through wheat fields for May.

  17. The news said her party had 330 seats before but now they have 318. The majority is 326 seats.

    So I don't understand why there was an impromptu election if the party already had majority?
  18. Cameron won that majority in 2015, then gave everyone a vote on the EU, he expected to win and remain but he lost and so resigned. May took over and began the Brexit process.

    Meanwhile the opposition leader Corbyn went through a vote of no confidence situation but managed to get through it. Still he was seen as weak by all and May thought she could take advantage and drive home her power in the Brexit negotiations. May was never voted in by the public and so wanted to use this election to cement her position.

    Trouble is her policies are fucked and only aimed the rich and elite. She has continued to pull money from public services like police and the NHS and the people have revolted. Corbyn promised a lot for public services and to tax the rich to help the poorest, unlike May who keeps giving them tax breaks.

    The fact that she is trying to form a government and cling on to power just means we're doomed to continue with all the cuts and hard times.