Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

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    I was sure we had a thread on this here, but after searching I could not find it. Guess it was only in the last forum.

    Updates, oh how I love them. Today is special of course as there is a small update on this game featuring who might be the main villian of the game, and this time it is a women. There is also a new cutscene video to go with this.

    There is more in that article including the 3D aspect of the game, so give it a read as well as the video of the cut-scene featuring the new villain.
  2. But will it have hypnotic swamp gas and Gamecube style punching?
  3. Oh yes! But it will have 3D hypnotic swamp gas and Gamecube style punching this time.

    Cannot wait for this bad boy. This year is going to be great for PS3 owners.


    I also forgot to mention that this new villain and her men are all English. This is great as the cockney style and gruff English voices always work well for villains.
  4. It's such a stereotype, we had an English bastard in the first game, the alien helghast in Killzone are all cockney wankers. They should start making all evil people Australian, branch out a bit
  5. Yeah, but I think it is cool.

    Drakes Rival friend in Uncharted 2 was also English. Maybe this is a trend? But with this lady it makes sense since she seems to be a artifact type collector. If you get what I am trying to say?
  6. Didn't Vayne and a lot of the other imperial bastards have English accents in FFXII?

    Weren't Fang and Vanille both graced with Australian accents in FFXIII, those Australian wankers coming from Pulse trying to kill everyone!
  7. Looks like we've been stereotyped to hell. From now on all evil people must have... Irish accents.
  8. English villains seem less stereotypical for a video game than Eastern Bloc, Asian, or Middle Eastern villains.
  9. When I was young I asked my Mum why nearly every villain in American films was English and she said it was because we played them so well. She also said I was cool so she must have been right all along.
  10. The evil lady looks a bit like Dame Helen Mirren.
  11. Yes she does, and her right hand man also looks like Jason Statham. Sadly both characters are not voiced by those two actors.
  12. Well, I'm glad Jason Statham isn't doing any voice work. He's got a funny voice.
  13. I like it. Then again, I agree with you as his voice would not be right for that character.

    I was also reading up some more about this new update and supposedly the focus of the third Uncharted will revolve around Drakes ring. I real life lore, the surname of that woman; Marlowe is the same surname as Francis Drakes playwright rival from that era, Christopher Marlowe. This may be one of the reasons behind the feud. Naughty Dog have always been close to the actual real life lore of their past games, so it could be true.

    That link above gives more detail than the first link I gave on the first page, so be sure to read up as it also tells about the new type of enemy this time around.
  14. I spotted Uncharted 1 and 2 in Game last Friday for I think £15 each. I nearly picked them both up but I'll do it this Friday instead. I hope there's no hypnotic swamp gas reflected off a weather balloon. I also hope they're not Gamecube punching games, that would suck.
  15. A gameplay video for Uncharted 3's multi-player and co-op. Looks epic!

    Roll on November!


    More tidbits. 13 news thing for multiplayer. Click the link to read:

  16. A Q&A with Naughty Dog's Robert Cogburn regarding the multiplayer/beta:

  17. I don't get it. I thought the Uncharted multiplayer was going to be deathmatches and stuff (although I was wondering how that would work). Is the multiplayer in the form of coop missions or something?
  18. All of the above. It will have death match, team deathmatch ect as well as co-op missions and whatever new modes ND add's.
  19. There were 3 multiplayer co-op maps in Uncharted 2 and they were good fun, Monsly was normally the weak link and would get us all killed by doing something stupid but it was fun all the same..
  20. Sound about right ;)