Uncharted PSP2

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  1. A gameplay demo is out for Uncharted's first arrival to a hand-held portable system, and wow it looks on par or even better than Uncharted 2 on the PS3. The power for this small hand-held is going to be magical.

    Nothing is really known about the story or anything else right now, but as long as it is not a port I will be happy.

    Gameplay video:

  2. This is looking very impressive. I'm not sure about the touch pad on the back, I'll have to wait and see what they come up with to utilise that. What's wrong with me just wanting to hold up and press x? It's what my dad did, and what his dad did and what Tron did.

    Touchscreen on the front? Good. On the back? Uh... Who thought of that anyway? 3G is probably a useless feature on a gaming handheld.
  3. Shouldnt this topic be under handheld gaming?
  4. Well it is playstation as well so it's tricky. If I wanted to look for it I'd probably look in the playstation thread first but I dunno.

    Is there a way to link the same thread in both boards?
  5. Not yet, but one of the Moderators or Monsly should have power to do that. It is indeed a mind bursting decision on what forum to post it, but maybe we should stick to handheld news going in the handheld sections..

    The touch pad on the back is going to be really irritating, I can just see it. Hopefully Sony as smart enough to have a cover over it which you can keep on or slide off.
  6. There is a nice read up at IGN for this game and how the touch screen can be used in the game. Give it a read.