Unchecked cisgender privilege

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  1. Fucking lol at this. 46 year old tranny decides he wants to abandon his family and 7 kids and live as a six year old girl. Finds couple to adopt him. He has sex with the couple in character as the little girl. Also lol at the retarded spelling of Stephanie. Can we stop pretending now that trannies aren't mentally ill degenerates? Trannies and fat acceptance are two of the big areas where I think political correctness goes too far and takes a detour into crazy town. Even many gay people and feminists want nothing to do with trannies, because they feel that being associated with this insanity hurts their movements.




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    By following that logic, you could damn all married couples too.
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    LGBT support would go much further in this country if they dropped the T... it's like those old school exam questions.

    Which one is most unlike the others?
    a) lesbian
    b) gay
    c) bisexual
    d) transgender
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    I think I'll take the word of the former chief psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins, who says that these people are mentally ill over the word of the SJW political correctness brigade. Johns Hopkins no longer does sex changes despite pioneering them decades ago because they feel that it encourages mental illness rather than treating it. In addition to gender dysphoria and delusions, these people almost invariably have cluster b personality disorders and depression with suicide ideation and self harming tendencies. Sexual paraphilias are also common, mainly autogynephilia. They need psychotropic drugs and talk therapy to bring them back to reality, not hormones and surgery and a life lived in fantasy land.

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    I think if you debating something using the terms like SJW then you've already lost.
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    Is trolling the internet a mental illness or just a personality disorder?
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    Hear the term LGBTQ last week. The Q stands for queer. I totally though that was an insult I but I guess it's okay to say. ???
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    It refers to gender queer. Those are people who don't accept that there are just two genders. They're gender "non-binary" like an alien on Star Trek and you'd better respect their pronouns or they will be terribly triggered and have to return to their safe space.


    He's part of a new gender called spivak. You've probably never heard of it because you're just not cool enough.
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    Looks like a usual gay boy to me.
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    You better check your privilege at the door white cis male hetero scum
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    According to this they're sadists who enjoy inflicting misery on others

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    Couch surfing with a kid is nothing short of utterly failing at life.

    LOL @ 2 bedroom apartment in San Francisco for $900/mo... RIP sweet family when you cross the bridge into Oakland.
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    Why is he/her/it your hero that you aspire to be?