US 2012 Elections

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  1. You get it because monsly wanted it!

    Regardless who wins at least 47% of the country will be pissed.
  2. I'm voting tomorrow. With a vengeance! (sorry, GOP)....
  3. I'll be leaving early tomorrow and going to my polling place. Hopefully the lines aren't crazy. Florida is always a battleground state. It's always hard to tell whether the mostly liberal snowbirds living in South Florida will beat out the right wing voters in Central and North Florida. Cubans are a toss up. Many are traditionally Republican because of the Bay of Pigs, but many have also changed sides with the Republican party being so racist against Hispanics. My vote might actually matter. The 2000 election was determined by just a few votes in Palm Beach County.
  4. I voted two weeks ago. Took about 15 minutes.
  5. To be honest, I don't know what your political views are bfun. Who did you vote for if you don't mind me asking? And you're in Colorado, right?

    Also, why would Monsly care about US elections?
  6. still isn't working...
  7. I care about people's roles on this forum: you take care of scat, supersonic looks after bingeing and coping with diabetes, bfun does movies and elections. Also, the US president does affect an awful lot of things. The thought of Palin being in power was rather terrifying last time.

    Anyway, is this looking like it's pretty much a confirmed win for Obama?
  8. I'm a moderate that can't stand the conservative right but lack faith in the liberal left. I don't buy into the democratic and republican brand names and have mixed views from both sides. Historically I’ll lean to the left but I’ve also voted to the right. I think Obama has done alright and could probably do a lot more good in the next 4 years. Romney wouldn’t be a horrible choice either. However, I think the conservative do-nothings in congress need to go. Actually all of congress needs to go and be replaced by some sort of interim system for the next 4 years. A system that actually works.

    Yes I’m in the swing state of Colorado and I’ve suffered from the relentless calling and door knocking of political groups.

    monsly cares about me being lazy.

    I don’t think anything is confirmed yet. Polls don’t account for voter turnout and that could easily decide this election.
  9. I've been receiving robocalls from FreedomWorks for America urging me to to cast my vote for Richard "A Rape Pregnancy is a Gift from God!" Mourdock. I'm not a fan.
  10. I'm pretty sure the polls are skewed in favor of elderly people who still use landlines. If I remember correctly, the polls in 2008 showed Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin being about even going in, and Obama won by a massive landslide.
  11. I'll put it this way: I would be a lot more surprised if Romney won this election than I would have been if McCain won the last one. McCain at least had some level of genuine credibility and foreign policy experience. I've always felt like Romney is a significantly weaker candidate than McCain was for moderate voters.

    bfun is right though in terms of the get-out-the-vote effort still being critical.
  12. I don't think Obama will get the young voter turn out this time.
  13. I'm writing in Jill Stein. She definitely best represents my political views. Hopefully the Green party can eventually build up their votes to 5% and get public funding someday, but it won't be this election.

    I generally hate the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils, but I have to vote against Mourdock. This guy is fucking nuts, and I don't want more insane things like "pregnancy from rape is god's blessing" being associated with Indiana at a national level for however long this lunatic might be in office. I deal with enough in this crazy place already. One would assume that he's on his best behavior right now trying to win votes; what would he do if he won the race and had actual voting power that would affect the entire nation? I do not want a Teabagger representing my state. I've suffered enough living in a red state; Mourdock would be more than I could stand.
  14. I'm not sure how it is in your state, but on my ballot you didn't need to write Jill Stein in. She was an option along with the other presidential candidates.

    When I got in line at my polling place, someone handed me a laminated card with all of the recommended voting options for Republicans, with everything in the same order it was in on the ballot. It came in handy, because I knew exactly what NOT to vote for.

    My polling place was insanely busy. They actually ran out of those privacy cards so everyone could see how you voted. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a lot of Obama votes, which made me happy.
  15. Election Day!

  16. Voted. Definitely the longest line that I've seen in my precinct...close to 90 minutes.

  17. Still, Obama is definitely the way lesser of the two evils.
  18. She's not on the ballot here. You have to write her in.
  19. Ah, probably because Indiana is a red state, while South Florida is pretty liberal would be my guess.
  20. I think anyone with $500 can get on the ballot in Colorado. The list of candidates is quite large.