US Manned Space Program Ends

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  1. The last space shuttle launch was today. I watched 2001 A Space Odyssey a few days ago, and it really bothered me. There's no reason we couldn't be at that level of technology if we had kept up with our space program, and now our space program is basically over. NASA will have no more manned flights. It will be the Chinese who return to the moon and land on Mars. Just another symptom of how the US has become a third world country with no vision for the future.
  2. we need to get some people in egypt and dig up a stargate.
  3. It was not the last launch today, STS 135 (Atlantis) is set for launch in June this year.
  4. I wasn't aware of that. Still, it's shameful that NASA won't be having any more manned flights after this year.

    Imagine where we would be now if all those trillions from the wars in Iraq in Afghanistan had gone into space exploration.
  5. Yea, really too bad. Its one of the most advanced things we as humans/americans have ever come to. Though, there will be new manned and unmanned flights in the far future. The Ares rockets are then chosen to do the job.
  6. Space exploration and colonization is our future, so it is a shame that NASA will be stopping this.
  7. How about you guys over there give us some money?!
  8. We would, but we are skint with bailing out all of these country's and helping your war in Iraq. That said, my county's council saved 30 million pounds last year. Interesting.
  9. We are allready cutting back abit on our military so:p
  10. Shows why the Russians have their eyes on us.
  11. The Russians have their eyes on us? It's time to resurrect McCarthyism NOW.
  12. space exploration is so expensive that I don't know how much that would help really... possibly only a few more expeditions... and a country full of muslims.

    That's like lamenting just how many HRs Lou Gehrig would have hit had he not fought in WW2, both actions are necessary so it's a question that need not be answered. I'd shutter to the thought that one would stay home and play baseball when the world is being over-run by Nazis, or dickin around in space while the terrorists have their way. It wasn't a war on terror, I know that. But it seems to have brought about a greater unity.

    Besides I'm sure automated probes and what not could do as much as manned craft and for less $$, at least for a while. If the Chinese colonize space... maybe we'll just take over China lol. I'm looking forward to what this brings.
  13. Eh? The end of the STS missions means no more manned missions to space? The first Orion manned launch is scheduled for 2016, or has that been scrapped? Between Apollo 17 (1972) and STS 1 (1981), there were quite a few years without NASA manned missions, no?
  14. Yeah. They were testing out our air defenses while back.
  15. We shouldnt worry too much, Finland will handle it.

  16. The only significant accomplishment in this so called "war on terror" was carried out by three helicopters and a handful of Navy Seals. Iraq was totally unnecessary and most of what we did in Afghanistan was a waste of time.

    With the way our government blows its money on pointless wars and bailing out corrupt financial institutions, I doubt there will be a follow up to the shuttle program.
  17. Finland had the best sniper in history, Simo Häyhä. That guy was a freak of nature and killed hundreds of people.
  18. NASA is a very cool agency, but I support cutting funding for it. We just can't afford it.
  19. Not as long as all the wealth is being funneled into the pockets of the already extremely affluent. They have almost all the money, and they are hungry for more.
  20. You'll notice how the US media is a fucking joke. I think they purposely confuse the masses with the whole right/left/conservative/liberal bullshit when they all serve the same corporate oligarchy.

    They were ALL running negative stories on Obama cutting oil subsidies, and referring to it as TAX INCREASES on oil companies. Suddenly, paying the taxes you legitimately owe are considered increases. Apparently in a capitalist free market oil companies deserve socialist tax subsidies.