Vacation Days

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  1. Basically this article says Europeans are lazy. It's a good read.

    I don't know how the fuck they get a 18 day average. I rarely come across anybody <40 with more than 10 vacation days. People in the 40's-50's get a whopping 15-20 days. Maybe I'm just working for the right people.
  2. Why the hell would anyone NOT take time off work? I take time off every oppertunity I get and even that isn't often enough. I get...

    25 days Holiday + 8 Bank Holiday = 33 days per year. (We usually get a couple of extra days off over Christmas too depending on which day it falls)

    My 33 days is 5 days extra than the 28 day minimum entitled to full time workers in the UK.
  3. When they say Europeans they definitely aren't talking about the UK. In Europe yeah - those lazy, constantly striking, whinging jerks get whatever the hell they want simply by mentioning the "strike" word, whereas here in the UK Thatcher took that all away years ago, here you have to let your employer know at least a month in advance about any industrial action which is a straight up joke; no Teamsters here I'm afraid.
  4. Perhaps they are including 9 bank holidays.
  5. You don't want to think about this stuff. Your plutocratic capitalist overlords are right to warn you of the dangers of socialism. I may well have 40 holiday days a year but consider them an undemocratic fraud that's an affront to all true patriots.
  6. You socialist fuck! The greatness of capitalism allows me to work hard and obtain material wealth, like HALF of a luxury condo!
  7. Technically, us Brits don't have any vacation days.
  8. You got holidays?
  9. Working yourself to death. It's the American way!
  10. Is there different holiday regulation between all the States over there? Like maybe you get more free time in Montano in opposite to California, or something like that ;)

    Since here in EU it can differ alot per country.
  11. Australians get a day off for the queen's birthday. We don't even get that.
  12. She their Queen too then?
  13. Well they're still members of the commonwealth, so yes.
  14. WTF!!!! WE HAVE 9 BANK HOLIDAYS?? I'm pretty sure I work everything but July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I gotta use vacation this weekend.
  15. I believe Australia has some of the most public holidays out of any of the worlds nations. Man do I love my country so much.
  16. Yes we have;
    New years day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Sat, Easter Mon, Anzac Day, Labour Day, Queens Birthday, Xmas and Boxing day.

    We generally get 4 weeks each year... I have like 6 weeks built up right now which is kinda bad that I haven't taken a holiday in a while besides Xmas break and public holidays.
  17. Deep down inside, most Americans don't really believe they deserve more than 2 weeks of vacation. That's how effective the corporate brainwashing has been during the past century.
  18. Deep down inside I don't feel I get anywhere near enough holiday with 6.5 weeks. That's how much we Brits hate working.
  19. Most of my jobs over the last 10 years have offered 20 days holiday per year. Now I work at the university I'm getting much more! hahaha.
  20. Yeah lol, my uni only goes for 26 weeks a year (unless you're an academic or summer student).