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  1. I know it's destined to suck but part of me thinks I must watch it.
  2. I will totally watch this just for the nostalgia. I wonder how the original holds up nowadays.
  3. Never heard of it. You guys are old
  5. Yeah, not heard of any of those. You guys love old, terrible films.
  6. Wow... the original Vacation is older than me!

    The Chevy Chase vacation movies are American classics, they still rebroadcast near the closest corresponding Holiday. I've only seen the pre-2000 movies, and Christmas Vacation is the only one I've re-watched in the last decade. Still good.

    Look kids, Big Ben!
  7. Vacation and Christmas Vacation are the classics. European Vacation not so much.
  8. European Vacation was the movie that made me think that Beverly D'Angelo was hot. But it was only that movie and pretty much limited to one part.